By Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

BOSTON (CBS) — As the days dwindle down for when Sox pitchers and catchers report to The Fort, here are a few thoughts on Jerry Remy returning to the NESN broadcast booth for Red Sox games.

I am deeply saddened as a dad when I watch the Jerry Remy story. I love the fact that Jerry is returning to NESN. I’ve always enjoyed watching him and I feel like his baseball insight is as good as it gets in the booth. Yes, it gets a bit too silly at times, but so what? I still enjoy the heck out of watching and listening to Don Orsillo and Rem. Always have.

What makes me sad is just that this story has come about due to the pending murder charge and trial of his son, Jared. It is the fear of every mom and dad out there — your children doing something horribly wrong, no matter how hard you try to raise them the right way. There is no love greater than the love a parent has for a child. And, what’s happened here is horrific. Of course, your heart aches the most for the Martel family. It is unimaginable what they are going through.

However, I also look at Jerry and feel like he should have the right to go back to work. He has done this for a long, long time and yes, he may have to respectfully tone things down, but he should have a right to work. He did not commit this criminal act. If you look at him differently from here on out, so be it. And, I can honestly admit that maybe I would feel differently if I were a family member of the victim. I can certainly understand if they were angered or bothered by this. I just feel — today — that Jerry Remy should be allowed to return to the booth.

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