By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

WRENTHAM (CBS) – Wrentham Police have released the dispatch logs from the night a motel housekeeper was hit by a car and dragged three miles to her death.

Kanchanbin Patel was working at the Arbor Inn Motel on November 18th. Police say Moses Acloque struck Patel’s husband and then hit her before speeding off, dragging the woman under his car.

More than 10 minutes before Acloque allegedly struck Patel, the owner of the Arbor Inn called the main business line at the Wrentham Police Department for help. He was involved in a dispute with Acloque over an unpaid bill.

At the time, a Wrentham dispatcher answered the call and said she would send an officer. But no one ever arrived.

Eight minutes after the first call to police, someone at another business on Route 1 called 911 to report the dragging incident.

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A short time later, the motel owner made another frantic call to Wrentham police, this time to the 911 line, saying,” I tried calling. I need police. They killed my housekeeper now. I told you to send the police here.”

The dispatcher received other calls as well about the dragging death. On the recordings of the calls she sounds shaken and still unclear about what happened.

WBZ-TV requested the police logs of that night. The newly released logs show that the first call made by the motel owner was never recorded on the log.

Wrentham Police did not respond when asked if that means no one was ever sent.

Police Chief James Anderson indicated there would be more information on the investigation released Tuesday.

In previous interviews police said they were investigating the incident, but that the dispatcher, who has 15 years of experience, remained at work.

That dispatcher is now on administrative leave.



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