WRENTHAM (CBS) – The Wrentham Police Department is reviewing how its dispatcher handled calls earlier this week when a woman was dragged to her death on Route 1.

The owner of the Arbor Inn called police, asking for help because he was fighting with a customer.

The dispatcher said she would send someone over.

Now, police tell WBZ-TV that they are not sure anyone was ever dispatched.

Minutes later, police say Moses Acloque got into his truck, hit one man and then dragged Kanchanben Patel three miles down Route 1.

The owner called police again.

The following is a transcript of the 911 call:

Caller: I tried calling, I need police – they killed my housekeeper now! I told you to send the police here!

Dispatcher: Hold on one second. Car 1, you’re responding, 2205. I’m gonna get somebody up there as soon as we can, OK?

Caller: It’s too late now, they took my housekeeper.

Dispatcher: What did they do?

Caller: They dragged my housekeeper and she was under the bumper.

The dispatcher, who has been with the department for 15 years, is still on the job.


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