By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Zenya Hernandez, the mother of a New Hampshire teenager who has been missing for more than two weeks, thinks her daughter got into a car with someone she either knew or a stranger, then quickly realized she was in trouble.

“It’s like she was there, seemed to be alright…and then suddenly she went ‘poof’–gone,” said Hernandez, in her first one-on-one interview since her daughter Abigail disappeared.

The teen vanished while walking home from school. Hernandez says Abigail was supposed to take the bus home, and she has no idea why she decided to walk.

“Somebody must have seen something,” said Hernandez.

But investigators, if they have more details on what may have happened, have not revealed much about the girl’s possible whereabouts. They have said her cell phone and her social media activity could be crucial.

Hernandez says she hopes her daughter did not communicate with anyone she did not know, and when asked if Abigail may have had a secret life, she said she did not think there would be anything secret or sinister that caused her disappearance.

Hernandez says her daughter has never run away in the past and has always been in constant contact. She says there was nothing that would have hinted something so disturbing was about to happen 19 days ago.

“We pray that she’s safe and healthy,” said Hernandez.


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