RANDOLPH (CBS) – The speeding motorcyclist wanted for driving recklessly on local highways was caught by Randolph police Tuesday morning.

State police say Daniel Rebello, 29, of Somerset, was zipping up and down Route 24 north and southbound when he was spotted by a truck driver who called 911.

State Police say Daniel Rebello was wearing these clothes and riding this bike when he was captured. (WBZ-TV)

State Police say Daniel Rebello was wearing these clothes and riding this bike when he was captured. (WBZ-TV)

Troopers patrolling Route 24 south saw Rebello on the motorcycle, traveling in the breakdown lane at very high speed and changing lanes recklessly.

At one point, while traffic was stopped, he allegedly turned around, and witnesses saw him riding southbound in the northbound lane, and traveling in the median.

That’s when Randolph and Stoughton Police were notified.

Randolph police stopped him, took him into custody on a warrant and then handed him over to State Police.

According to State Police, Rebello was found in a parking lot just off Route 24 on Route 139, hiding behind a tractor-trailer unit.

He was arraigned Tuesday and held on $10,000 cash bail.

State police say he’s the man who’s been spotted topping 100 miles per hour on several local highways during the morning and evening rush hours, weaving through traffic on Rt. 24, I-93, and Rt. 128.

The speeding motorcyclist has been driving a black and yellow Suzuki GSXR.

He wore a black full face helmet, a black leather jacket with tan Carhartt construction pants. Police had seen him, but were not able to catch him earlier. They said every time he spotted a police cruiser, he accelerated well over 100 mph and took off in the breakdown lane. The motorcycle had no license plate.

Massachusetts State Trooper Allen Luther said Rebello taunted police off the road as well, “he called the Framingham police and stated, ‘You’ve been closer to catching me before.'”

An Arlington Police officer tried to stop Rebello on Friday night. “He made eye contact with me, put down the shield on his helmet and just took off up the sidewalk for about 50 feet and got out in the road against traffic on the wrong side of the road,” said Arlington Police Officer Michael Foley.

Rebello’s 15-page driving record includes dozens of speeding and motor vehicle violations.

See: Rebello’s Driving Record

According to the Department of Transportation, Rebello’s license was revoked under the immediate threat provision in July in Dartmouth and for having accumulated multiple surchargeable events in September.

He has a long history of suspensions and was most recently found responsible for speeding in a construction zone in Dartmouth.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation tells WBZ-TV, there have been several instances where he has had multiple suspensions that have either run concurrent to one another or overlap with one another.

Rebello has paid to reinstate his license a total of eight times, most recently on June 28, of this year.

“Subsequent to the immediate threat revocation, other suspensions either took effect (8/29/2013 suspension license 60 days), or triggered an automatic suspension based on his involvement in three surchargeable events in a 24-month period,” Mass DOT said.

State police asked for the public’s help in a social media campaign Monday, hoping to finally track him down.



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