By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police are looking for a motorcycle they’ve spotted topping 100 miles per hour on several local highways, right during the morning and evening rush hours.

The speeding motorcyclist drives a black and yellow Suzuki GSXR. He wears a black full face helmet, a black leather jacket with tan Carhartt construction pants.

Police have seen him weaving through traffic on Rt. 24, I-93, and Rt. 128, but they haven’t caught him. They say every time he spots a police cruiser, the driver accelerates to well over 100 MPH and takes off in the breakdown lane. The motorcycle has no license plate.

Ronnie Fortin, the manager of Motorcycles 508 in Brockton, says that model of bike has a lot of power.

“This bike will go 160, 170 miles per hour weaving in and out of traffic, no problem,” he told WBZ.

That’s why he’s not surprised police haven’t tracked the driver down. “This bike being as wide as it is going in and out of traffic at those speeds, I mean it’s going to be tough to catch him in a car for sure.”

State Police have asked local police in Brockton and along Rt. 24 to be on the lookout. They’d also like the public to contact them with any information.



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