By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – What a great night in Boston Saturday night, the city packed with visitors enjoying perfect October weather, and the Red Sox putting on a show.

Maybe it was different inside Fenway, but from what I could see on TV, even when the Sox gave up the lead and were struggling at the plate, it didn’t seem like there was any sense of doom.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

You know, like the sense of doom all Red Sox fans felt at the sight of any key setback for the 86 years preceding 2004.

I can’t speak for all fans, but I feel pretty confident most of us don’t feel that way anymore. We knew something good would happen, and we were right.

Something else happened over the weekend that was pretty nice as well.

Photos: Red Sox Pennant Celebration

The pennant-winning celebration around Kenmore Square reportedly included no violence and no arrests.

As you recall, that wasn’t the case in 2004, when poor planning by the city and bad crowd behavior culminated in the death of a young college student from police fire.

The authorities have learned a lot since then about how to handle raucous crowds. So have bars and colleges.

Apparently even the kids are wising up.

Mistakes can have tragic consequences. But progress comes when people learn from mistakes.

For a long time, Boston has had a reputation as a place that didn’t learn from its mistakes. But that is no longer deserved.

The city’s culture no longer wallows in failure and negativity. There’s a lot more forward-looking and forward-thinking than there used to be.

In that sense, maybe the Red Sox and the city that loves them have both turned a corner.

And a peaceful World Series celebration here next week would be a triumph on both fronts.

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