By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

MASHPEE (CBS) – Phil Meikle couldn’t believe what he saw when he checked surveillance video from the new cameras installed at his Mashpee summer home. There were vandals, two young men and a young woman, throwing patio furniture onto the pool cover in his backyard, just the beginning of a nearly 45 minute rampage in which they pulled up bushes, knocked over an umbrella and broke off his mailbox.

UPDATE: Vandals Turn Themselves In

“It’s 2 a.m. they say hey let’s go swimming and they happened upon my house,” said Meikle. The home was unoccupied, but the cameras told the story of the vandalism. “Here they are coming into play showing me three kids at my house and they smiled for the camera.”

Vandals caught on video at Mashpee home. (Surveillance image)

Vandals caught on video at Mashpee home. (Surveillance image)

In fact they look right into the camera which caught one of them stumbling toward the bushes to urinate, and more reckless furniture throwing on the patio. “I was just irate by this point,” said Phil. “After watching it for 25 minutes my blood pressure was boiling and I was feeling violated.”

In their final act for the cameras they stripped down and crawled beneath the pool cover into the water which had Meikle worried beyond the damage. “The fear here is if what if one goes under the cover and panics, they don’t come up and they drown,” he said.

The images captured on the cameras have been sent to local schools to see if anyone recognizes the vandals who seem to enjoy their face time. But their images have been captured and the homeowner hopes that’s what happens to them. “I know kids do things, but they don’t need to be destructive,” he said.

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