By Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV Chief Correspondant

HYANNIS (CBS) — Some Cape Cod fishermen are not thrilled with the new train service to Hyannis.

With it, came some new signs which fishermen do not like.

Sport fisherman Mike Daniels is unhappy about the new “no trespassing” signs that are now posted on his usual path to the Cape Cod Canal.

“I turned around, we used to park there for 20-to-25 years,” Daniels said. “It is a lot harder. It is an extra half-mile walk parking at one of the other spots.”

New weekend passenger train service from Boston to Hyannis started last weekend.

Earlier this month, Middleboro residents raised concerns about the train service, as well.

Running along the canal, The CapeFlyer brought with it some new warning signs re-enforcing current state law. So fishermen who have jumped the tracks for decades are now more worried about being fined $100.

Carl Johansen who contributes to the web site Stripers Online says the issue has received 300 posts.

“So the thing is, do we fight it after we get a ticket or do we fight it now?”he asks.

These new signs are hard to find.

They are either very rare or have already been taken down. Regardless, the Administrator for the Regional Transportation Authority says they are not looking to fine or arrest fishermen.

Sandwich State Representative Randy Hunt say right now there are only five legal crossings in eight miles along the canal and that is not enough, especially for the elderly.

“I think the solution is we need to look at some of these additional spots that fishermen have been using and see if we can’t clear those out for them,” Hunt said.

State transportation officials say they are simply trying to keep everyone, including the fishermen, safe.


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