MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – For the first time in decades, the MBTA is running passenger trains to Cape Cod and not everyone is happy about it.

This summer, the MBTA will extend the Middleboro line down to the Cape ending in Hyannis. The trains will now be going through some busy neighborhoods.

Right now, the only train using the tracks from Middleboro to the Cape, is a garbage train and it moves about 15 mph. The CapeFlyer will go about 60 mph.

“That’s concerning, absolutely,” says Patti Urquhart of Middleboro. “My mom lives so close to the tracks, that’s what 20 feet away, I will be concerned when I bring my kids over.”

People who live near the tracks are worried, because the road crossing gates can be driven around and everyone from Middleboro south is used to the slow garbage train.

“I’ve seen cars go around (the gate) before,” says Frannie Coyle.

Others are concerned that even though the CapeFlyer has been reborn, there are few fences along the tracks, to keep people away.

For the people taking the train, it is all about convenience. A round trip ticket is $35.

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