By Bill Shields, WBZ-TV

BROCKTON (CBS) – A young woman was tortured, raped, and shot, but survived to face her alleged attacker in Brockton court Wednesday.

Police say in 2009, Keith Luke went on a violent rampage, bent on killing as many non-whites as possible.

They say he broke into a Brockton house where he knew two young Cape Verdean women lived. One of them was home, so with a gun to her head, he handcuffed her, and raped her. When her sister arrived at the house, Luke allegedly shot her three times, killing her.

Then, he turned his attention back to the handcuffed woman. As he approached, gun in hand, she hugged a giant teddy bear. “I grabbed my teddy bear and he was behind the couch. So he started shooting me.  The first shot was in my head, and I pretended that he killed me.”

Luke shot her five times and then left the house, according to police, thinking she was dead. The stuffed bear actually helped save her life.


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