Keith Luke

Keith Luke in 2009. (Photo credit: / Brockton, MA)

Report: White Supremacist Killer Keith Luke’s Organs Donated

The mother of convicted double murderer Keith Luke reportedly donated Luke’s organs after he killed himself in prison earlier this month.


Keith Luke in court May 30, 2013. (WBZ-TV)

Life In Prison For Neo-Nazi Keith Luke In 2009 Brockton Murder Rampage

A jury found a Brockton man guilty of first-degree murder Thursday in two racially motivated killings in 2009.


Keith Luke in court May 30, 2013. (WBZ-TV)

Keller @ Large: Keith Luke Reason To Re-Evaluate Death Penalty

If you haven’t been following the trial of this creature, I don’t blame you, it’s been hard to watch because the defendant may be the single most repulsive specimen I’ve ever seen.


Keith Luke in Brockton court

Keith Luke Murder Trial Goes To Jury

The fate of accused murder Keith Luke is now in the hands of the jury.


Keith Luke in Brockton court

Victim Testifies In Brockton Rape, Murder Trial

A young woman was tortured, raped, and shot, but survived to face her alleged attacker in Brockton court Wednesday.


Keith Luke was arrested in 2009 for the killings of two people. (credit: / Brockton, MA)

Defense: Man Accused In Brockton Killings Mentally Ill

The defense attorney for a Brockton man accused of killing two people and critically injuring a third says his client was “cold as ice” and not criminally responsible during a violent spree in 2009.


The father of an alleged murderer threatened officers during a standoff in Brockton on Sunday.

Alleged Murderer’s Dad Involved In Standoff With Brockton Police

The father of an alleged murderer threatened officers during a two-hour standoff at his Brockton apartment on Sunday morning.