By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) –  It seems to good to be true – someone check if hell has frozen over – with the winter we are having I wouldn’t be all that surprised!

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We are actually going to miss out on what could have been another blast of snow on Monday and Monday night.

Actually, our colder than normal weather as of late is part of the reason why we believe this will be a near miss. A large block has setup in the atmosphere in the Northern Atlantic. This is sending cold, Canadian air our way and will continue to do so for at least the next week or so. This same block will force the storm on Monday night to our south, leading to some hefty snows across the Midwest and Mid Atlantic and likely just scrape Southern New England.

In fact, I would expect a fairly widespread 3-6″ from Illinois to New Jersey including Philly, Baltimore and Washington DC! There will be some pockets of 6-12″ in the state of Indiana and Virginia!

For us, we could see a light rain or snow mix during the daylight hours of Monday along the Coastline and especially on the South Coast. After dark, this mix will change to mainly snow, but again, we will stay on the northern fringes of the storm. So, any snow accumulation would be in extreme parts of Southern New England, close to the South Coast, Cape Cod and the Islands.

At this point it doesn’t appear like more than in inch or two at worst in those locations.

There is some room for this storm to edge a bit farther northward but the most likely solution remains just a fringing or near miss from this winter-like storm. Stay tuned to weather updates later.

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