ARLINGTON (CBS) – Joseph Maloof refused to be seen in front of cameras during his arraignment Wednesday in Cambridge District Court.

Prosecutors say he broke into the home of an off-duty Arlington police officer Tuesday afternoon.

The night-duty officer, whose name has not been released, told investigators he was sleeping when he heard banging on his door.

The officer went downstairs with his service weapon and saw Maloof, 31, outside the glass door to his apartment, asking for a man named John. Maloof allegedly was holding a bat at the time.

Maloof  then took off running, according to investigators, but he was caught in front of his home a few blocks away.

Police charged him with breaking and entering in the daytime for felony, leaving a person in fear, home invasion and possession of a burglarious tool.

In court Wednesday, Maloof’s attorney says what happened does not constitute home invasion.

Maloof, who also has open cases pending in West Roxbury, South Boston and Brockton, was granted $2,500 cash bail.

It is unknown what the charges are in the other cases.

Stephanie Murphy, has lived in the neighborhood were the invasion took place for seven years.

“It’s surprising in this neighborhood but I think there are a a lot of home invasions in the area close to Cambridge and Somerville.,” Murphy said. “I know someone whose home was broken into in the middle of the day and they left with lots of jewelry and things like that and some cash.”

Murphy says she is now locking her doors locked during the day and keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Carol Copeland, has lived in the neighborhood for 60 years and says she has always felt very safe.

“I always feel safe and so I don’t feel quite as safe,” Copeland said. “If I saw anybody suspicious, I’d call the police.”


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