By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

The average high temp for the middle of March is 47 degrees in Boston, today’s high was a January-like 33 degrees.  Snow will overspread the region from SW to NE later this evening and shortly after midnight it will be snowing everywhere.  The air is cold and the ground is frozen again from recent and present cold and roads will quickly become snow covered…this spells trouble for tomorrow morning’s commute.

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Snow will be steady overnight, some of it on the heavy side with 1 inch per hour snow rates.  Most will wake up to 3-6″ of snow on the ground with snow still falling during the morning commute.  The storm is a bit ragged and unorganized preventing ageostrophic flow and northerly winds to lock in the cold thus, milder air will flow in off the water and also several thousand feet in the air changing snow to sleet and rain by mid to late morning for much of the area.

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The first to see the change will be in SE MA and the last along the New Hampshire border. Northern New England will remain all snow and some spots will exceed a foot…again!  SE MA will see just a couple of inches before the changeover and most of that then melts and gets washed away with the rain.  In between is where it gets a bit tricky I expect most of the accumulation to occur with the first part of the storm before the change to sleet and rain but some areas stay snow a little longer…so a general 4-8″ should do it…4″ at Logan but 6″+ just a few miles inland.

The other wild card is a burst of backlash precip tomorrow evening…this will fall as rain inside of 128 but will start to flip back to snow to the NW for a little additional accumulation…this is why totals climb up close to double digits the farther north you go.  The storm will wind down late tomorrow evening but the weather doesn’t improve a whole lot later in the week behind the storm.  Clouds will be the rule of thumb leading up  to the weekend and cold temps too.  Following the last storm we had three days in the 50s and it melted away that foot and half in no time.  That won’t occur this time around with temps hovering close to 40 degrees for the next week…the landscape will stay white.

Not to be the bearer of bad news but along with persistent cold I also see persistent storms…that’s not to say that they will all hit us but we will be in the storm track through the end of the month.  Spring arrives on Wednesday morning…yet there is no sign of it arriving here.


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