BILLERICA (CBS) – Two teens received multiple citations for an accident that left a landscape trailer on top of several cars in a Salem Road driveway.

Around 10 p.m. Thursday, a 20-foot flatbed trailer broke free from the towing vehicle, left the roadway, hit some small trees, and crashed into the parked vehicles.

Police saw the trailer hitch was still attached to the trailer, but the vehicle that had been towing the trailer was gone.

“I ran outside and I saw the truck that had been pulling the trailer turn around,” said Jason York, who owns one of the damaged vehicles and heard the loud crash.

York got a general description of a white truck. A responding officer, Dwayne Eidens, immediately recognized the trailer as one he saw just before the accident.

Officer Eidens had seen an identical trailer at Salem Road and Fox Hill Road attached to a truck that appeared to be broken down. Behind that truck and trailer was another pickup truck that appeared to be helping the stranded motorist.

Six cars were damaged by the trailer. (Photo courtesy: David Collins)

Six cars were damaged by the trailer. (Photo courtesy: David Collins)

Billerica Police returned to the Fox Hill intersection and found the disabled truck being towed. Its driver, David Paredes, 18, originally told police the trailer was stolen Wednesday before admitting his friend came to pick up the trailer from the side of the road.

According to police, Paredes’s friend, Maxwell Wiseman, 18, confessed he was driving a borrowed white truck when the trailer broke free. The report says Wiseman panicked and took off.

“I just started laughing because what else are you going to do when you see a flatbed trailer sitting on top of two cars?” car owner David Collins told WBZ.  “The only thing I’m mad about is I was in the middle of making myself dinner.”

Three cars were totaled and three others were damaged. The damage is estimated to be well over $50,000.

Wiseman was given tickets for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, driving an unregistered vehicle (the trailer), and not having safety chains while towing a trailer. Paredes received citations for driving an unregistered vehicle (the trailer) and attaching a false registration plate.


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