BOSTON (CBS) — Toucher and Rich co-host Rich Shertenlieb shared the sad news last week that his wife, Mary, was diagnosed with AML, a form of leukemia. Instantly, thousands upon thousands of listeners and fans reached out to lend their support and let Rich know that he and his wife were in their thoughts and prayers.

While Rich expressed great appreciation of everyone for their support, one letter this week stood out.

It came from Chuck Pagano, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Pagano, 52, was diagnosed with leukemia himself back in early October. He missed nearly three full months, but he returned to coach the Colts’ Week 17 game against the Texans as well as their playoff game against the Ravens. He served as an inspiration not only to the Colts organization but to the entire NFL, including players, coaches and fans.

“I’m sitting here speechless after reading a letter Chuck Pagano just personally wrote my wife and me,” Rich wrote on the Toucher and Rich Facebook page. “He wrote the single most inspirational email my wife and I could have received.”

Rich explained that NFL Network’s Albert Breer, a frequent guest on the show, contacted Pagano after the news last week.

“Thank you, Coach Pagano,” Rich wrote. “You made my wife a little bit stronger today.”

You can send your support to the Shertenliebs by clicking here or going to the Toucher and Rich Twitter page or Facebook page.

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