BROCKTON (CBS) – It seems the city of Brockton has had enough of Anthony Ruiz’s pet pig “Porkchop.”

The 125-pound pig was taken away from his owner Friday after Ruiz received more than 15 violations because Porkchop repeatedly escaped.

According to the Brockton Enterprise, Ruiz will be in Brockton Housing Court Wednesday to contest the order.

Until recently, Ruiz had a special license to keep the pet pig, but the city says they have had it with Porkchop turning up on the streets and they are concerned someone may be injured if the pig gets in the way of a car.

Animal Control removed the 2-year-old, white-haired pot-bellied pig on Friday after the Board of Health took away Ruiz’s license.

They say Ruiz did not show up to two Animal Control hearings about the pig even though Ruiz says he has paid all the citations. Ruiz told the paper city workers have tried to lure Porkchop from his garage and onto city streets just to get Ruiz in trouble.

On Oct. 2, the board said the pig had to leave Brockton by Friday and if he didn’t the city would take the pig out of Brockton themselves and not disclose Porkchop’s location to Ruiz.


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