BOSTON (CBS) — In case you were worried that under Tom Brady’s big white bandage on Sunday afternoon was a wrecked, mangled, nose, you can now breathe easy.

The Patriots’ quarterback attended teammate Jerod Mayo’s fundraising event Monday night at King’s in Dedham, and he did it without that bandage from the day before. The team tweeted a picture of Brady posing with tight end Daniel Fells, and while a decent-sized cut is noticeable on Brady’s beak, it didn’t appear to be anything too serious.

In fact, if Brady is to be taken at his word, the gash could provide just the right amount of tough guy street cred that he said he wouldn’t mind adding.

“It’ll be fine. I need some of that anyway,” Brady said Sunday. “I need some scars.”

Brady suffered the injury when Kamerion Wimbley dragged him down from behind in Sunday’s game. Wimbley’s knee or shin went through Brady’s facemask, leaving the quarterback bloodied. Trainers worked to patch up the cut and stop the bloody nose, and Brady stayed in the game. While a nose injury might not list in the top 10 of potential problems for Brady to worry about, a broken nose could make breathing difficult. The NFL Network, however, reported Sunday that the nose was not broken.

Either way, Brady’s toughness was on display, and his teammates sure noticed.

“He’s such a good-looking guy, isn’t he?” wide receiver Wes Welker said. “Obviously, he gets banged up. He’s probably the toughest metrosexual I’ve ever come across.”

Brady, who this offseason alone has appeared in magazine photo shoots as well as advertisements for several companies, said Sunday that he hopes he’s not considered a pretty boy.

“No, hopefully not,” Brady said. “I never mind a little blood.”


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