Gresh and Zolak kicked off Tuesday’s show talking about Aaron Hernandez’ new contract, and what it means for the future of Wes Welker.

“For me, it comes down to this: Aaron Hernandez signed a long-term extension, Rob Gronkowski got his, Brandon Lloyd is here for the next three years on his $12 million deal; Welker is gone. I’m convinced this is the end of Wes Welker,” said Gresh.

“When Aaron Hernandez signed his contract, that was it for Welker and they’ll look for the next veteran guy,” Gresh added. “Or, whether it’s someone Josh McDaniels has a link to in Danny Amendola, or the next receiver down the pike that has Patriot connections that they can plug in for Deion Branch after this season. I think it’s over here for Wes Welker, and I’m sure there are some fans that aren’t thrilled about that.”

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“I disagree with you in the sense his situation isn’t really reflective upon Gronk, Hernandez or Lloyd,” said Zo. “They could bring him back at a lower number; his numbers could go down. They could sign him to a three-year deal and the number might not be what it was when his camp turned it down when they were trying to do the extension.”

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“I just think it would be stupid for Welker to take a contract here after this season, because it can only be less of what was originally offered to him,” added Gresh. “Maybe he can live with that, and that’s fine.”

“The winds of the offense are changing,” said Gresh, “and it will be for the better. Aaron Hernandez is the number-two tight end, number-three wide receiver and number-four running back.”


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