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Weather For Celebrating?

Barry Burbank
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This was another perfect ten summer’s day featuring sunshine and some small puffy clouds followed by some wispy cloudiness arriving late this afternoon. Add in the low humidity and high temperatures in the middle 80s with a pleasant sea breeze cooling the beaches off just a smidge and you simply have one sweet day! Wouldn’t it be great to have this duplicated throughout this season? At least a carbon copy for our IndependenceDay would be greatly appreciated but, unfortunately, there is an element of uncertainty for later tomorrow. It is quite clear that a short wave in the upper atmosphere linked with a surface warm front will send a few showers and possible boomers across the region late tonight through about 8-9am. After that, it should clear out and become sunny followed by building puffy clouds leading to a few spotty thunderstorms later in the afternoon as a cold front approaches. Presently, it appears that support is limited so widespread strong activity is not anticipated. One other wildcard to consider is a bundle of energy digging southeastward from Quebec late in the day. This atmospheric spin of instability could create some nasty storms over ME and NH and the tail of this action might dip into eastern MA especially over Essex County. Nature’s own pyrotechnics could disrupt some fireworks displays in those areas. So we will need to scan the sky tomorrow evening for any of this activity sneaking down into the Boston area where the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular  is ongoing. After declining to 65-70 tonight, the temperatures will rise to highs in the middle to upper 80s tomorrow with much higher humidity. During the concert and fireworks, it will cool back into the 70s.

Looking ahead, a weak bubble of high pressure will provide sunny to partly cloudy and less humid weather with highs in the middle 80s on Thursday. A breeze might shift onshore to slightly cool the beaches in the afternoon. The high pressure system will build to the south of us resulting in a southwesterly warming wind to 10-20 mph on Friday. Temperatures will nudge 90 on that day then ramp up to 92-96 on Saturday. A cold front settling southward from southern Canada will spark some scattered storms late Saturday then a nice mass of refreshing, dry air will spread across the region on Sunday through Tuesday. Expect highs near 84 Sunday, closer to 80 on Monday then a bit higher on Tuesday. The next cold frontal boundary will ignite some showers and storms next Wednesday afternoon with more invigorating air from Canada the second half of next week. So after the hot stuff on Saturday, there should NOT be any sultry days next week!

It’s too bad the high cloudiness will be dimming the Full Buck Moon this evening. It certainly was beautiful last night. I love full moons in the summertime.

If you can’t make it down to the Hatch Shell and the Esplanade tomorrow, you can watch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on WBZ starting at 8pm.

Melissa Mack delivers her AccuWeather Forecast tomorrow morning and Todd Gutner follows later in the day.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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