BOSTON (CBS) – We are always quick around here, myself included, to complain when we see the courts failing to dispense proper justice.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

So it’s only fair that as Catherine Greig heads off to rot in prison for the next eight years, we applaud U.S. District Court Judge Douglas Woodlock for making sure justice was done here.

Greig’s attorney, Kevin Reddington, is one of the best in the business, but he had little to work with, and his defense verged on farce at times.

He claimed Greig was just carried along in Whitey Bulger’s 16-year flight from justice, despite overwhelming evidence of her intricate involvement in hiding their true identity.

He insisted the fact that she pointed out to the cops when they were finally busted where the 30 guns were hidden in their apartment, didn’t really prove she had incriminating knowledge of the weapons.

He asserted that a notebook she kept with instructions on how to build a hiding place in the walls for the mass murderer’s stash of loot and firearms was actually “notes she took on how to fix a toilet.”

Without actually laughing, the judge laughed all that out of court.

He also wisely dismissed Reddington’s grotesque effort to prevent survivors of some of Whitey Bulger’s many victims from addressing the court.

One of them, Tim Connors, whose father was allegedly slaughtered by Bulger, provoked Greig’s only show of emotion in court when he alluded to the suicide of her brother and told her if he had a sister as cold-blooded as her, he would take his own life, too.

Greig’s tears were, predictably, for herself and her own. She has none for the victims of the criminal she harbored, for whom she has never showed remorse.

“She’s in love with [Bulger],” explained Reddington, who, appallingly, claimed he had “admiration” for her. “And she doesn’t believe for one minute that he’s guilty or capable of these horrible crimes. She doesn’t buy it, she doesn’t believe it, and she absolutely stands by her man.”

In other words, she’s a sociopath.

One who will now spend a huge chunk of her remaining years in prison, six months for every year she helped Bulger avoid justice.

For Greig’s victims, justice has been served.

Even if she has no clue what that even means.

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