By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – After an emotional hearing that lasted for hours, a judge sentenced Whitey Bulger’s girlfriend Catherine Greig to eight years in prison.

The families, who say their lives were ruined by Bulger, got their chance to speak and they did not hold back. Greig said nothing and rarely showed any emotion.

Timmy Connors, and others who have waited years for justice, are pleased with the sentence for Greig.

“She held a lot of people at bay,” says Connors. “I guess she needed to realize the pain that she helped inflict.”

Judge Douglas Woodlock says Greig must pay the price for protecting Whitey Bulger during their 16 years on the run.

Timmy says his father was killed by Whitey Bulger 37 years ago Tuesday. Greig showed no emotion towards the victims, until Timmy read a statement that caused her to break down in court.

“I said that she was cold and she showed no emotion throughout the whole ordeal,” says Timmy.

“The only time that she showed emotion was when it was brought up about her brother who killed himself. And I said if I had a sister like you, I would have killed myself too.”

Timmy says he wanted to let her know that she’s no good.

Greig also took sharp words from Debbie Davis’ brother Steven, who said, “Catherine, you’re a dirty bi***.”

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