BOSTON (CBS) — Andrew Ference has some company when it comes to the ink department in the Bruins’ dressing room.

Tyler Seguin showed off his latest tattoo this week via Twitter, saying he’s trying to catch up with Ference, who’s definitely leading the team in tats.

Seguin explained the meaning behind his tattoo on Wednesday.

“Dad always told me to wear my heart on my sleeve so there’s a heart with bdates of my family connecting to my Seguin tattoo,” he said.

The Seguin tattoo he’s referencing is his name going down his left arm. That, too, was Seguin wearing the importance of his family on his arm at all times.

“Something meaningful. I always want to wear my heart on my sleeve. Family, heart, passion, all that stuff. So I decided to get it on my sleeve,” Seguin said of the original tattoo, according to Yahoo! Sports, and adding that his father got the same tattoo himself.

Seguin also got inked last summer after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, when he and Brad Marchand got “Stanley Cup Champions, Boston Bruins, 06.15.11” on their┬árib cages (though Marchand’s had a minor cosmetic error).

Seguin said he’s also trying to keep up with Toronto Marlies defenseman Jesse Blacker, so this could be just the beginning of the 20-year-old’s tattoos.


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