The Bear Essentials By Mark Feldman, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – If you haven’t heard this yet, it’s great. When the Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years, a few of the players decided to get tattoos commemorating the event.

Of course, one of the players was Brad Marchand.

So the team wins, Brad heads to the locker room, meets the artist, gets the ink and continues to celebrate. Everything seemed fine and dandy…that is until somebody pointed out the misspelling of the word Champions.

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“After I got it, I came in the room and someone was like it says champians, with an ‘A,'” Marchand wrote in his blog.

This story is hilarious for so many reasons. First off, how the hell did Marchand not see this immediately? Was he that drunk? And who is this tattoo artist that can’t spell? It all beats me.

It was probably a combination of things. The artist was probably excited and nervous and Brad was, well, wasted. The legend continues to grow.

If nothing else, this story definitely adds to the “Marchand drinking saga.”

I am convinced that the majority of Bruins fans think Marchand drank away every last minute of this summer. I don’t know how true that is but with a tale like this, it might as well be.

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  1. Craig says:

    It’s cursive writing so the tattoo is still recognizable for what it’s meant to say.
    But the tattoo artist obviously didn’t know his or her cursive, or spelling.

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