The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zo on Monday to discuss the Red Sox‘ opening weekend sweep at the hands of the Tigers in Detroit.

“To have two walk-off losses in that nature, and a 10-0 blowout in the middle, who would think we would look back to September and say ‘those were the good old days’ now?” joked Shaugnessy.

With the bullpen melting down twice in the first three games, which Shaugnessy called the “Raging Bullpen,” what should the team do at the end of games?

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Shaughnessy also analyzed Bobby Valentine’s opening series with the team. What is Bobby V doing differently, and is the team doing anything different in the field with him at the helm?

“He really has demonstrated a difference [with the lineup],” said Shaugnessy. “No one knew who was playing when they got to the ballpark on Sunday. That’s the stuff that is going to reel its head. If you’re winning, it’s going to be great. If not, that will get ugly fast.”

Gresh & Zo: Disaster In Detroit

There were a few bright spots for the Sox in Detroit. Gresh, Zo and Shaugnessy break it all down, and much more…


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