The season hasn’t started the way Red Sox fans had hoped.

Gresh & Zo discussed a disastrous opening weekend for the Red Sox in Detroit.

Read: Red Sox Bullpen A Nightmare So Far

The Sox bullpen blew leads in both the 9th and 11th innings in Sunday’s gut wrenching 13-12 loss and the guys wonder, who should be closing games for this team?

Also, does Bobby Valentine deserve any of the blame? Or does this all fall on the players?

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  1. tiggs1 says:

    Who to blame? Let me see? Who was it that didn’t sign Pappelbon? Who decided to bring in an injury prone closer named bailey? who refuses to listen to his manager and insists Baird be a starter? Who? Who? Who? Speaking of the manager, How tired could pukeless be after only 2 games that he wasn’t in the lineup sunday? Must suck to be a Red Sux fan today. It sure is awsome to be a Tiger fan though.

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