Students Try To Cope After Crash Involving Four Classmates

KINGSTON (CBS) – Grief counselors were available on Saturday at Silver Lake Regional High School, with many students still in shock following a crash involving four classmates.

“We’re all trying to get it through it together, student Casey Silva told WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith. “You don’t really know what’s happening so you don’t know what to do. It’s… sad for everybody.”

The four students were seriously injured when their car crashed head on with a school bus on Friday.

Police say the car was on its way to school when it crossed the yellow line and crashed into an empty school bus that had just dropped off a load of students.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Two students remained in critical condition at Boston hospitals on Saturday.

Students showed up to their junior prom on Friday night with heavy hearts as four of their classmates were unable to attend.

The school district considered canceling the prom, but Superintendent John Tuffy says it was the right decision to gather students together under the same roof.

“(I) thought it’d be a good idea to have the students all together in a safe environment where there would be trusted adults they could talk to, and it turned out to be the right decision. The kids had a wonderful time. They also found comfort in being with each other,” he said.

  • ginny2

    Don’t mean to sound cold here, but, while this is a very tragic accident, I can’t help but wonder why eveyone seems to think that we have to provide grief counselors for kids today. I can remember when we lost all 8 of our Varsity Cheerleaders heading home from a football game because of a dunk driver and we all worked it out together and with the help of our families. These days it feels like kids are being sheilded from the realities of life. My thoughts are with the families of those injured.

    • petem

      And of course we have people who can’t see the sense in helping anyone else. What a heartless person you must be to know.
      ‘My thoughts are with the families of those injured’? Really? What thoughts?
      “Hope you get over this quick so we don’t have to hear about it time and time again”?
      How ’bout you take it on yourself to go grow some compassion? WE could use some in this world today. And by the way genius, that’s what the grief counselors are there for…common human compassion.

    • Willow

      ginny2, I totally agree. Strength comes from facing life’s adversities one at a time. No one wants to face tragedy, but it is just as much a part of life as joy is.

      I pray these students recover fully.

      • petem

        Ditto my comments to ginny2 to you Willow…

  • Tony

    Teenager + BMW + cell phone = stupid parents

    • Rob

      ANNNND Where did you see mention of cell phones at all?

      “The four students were seriously injured when their car crashed head on with a school bus on Friday.

      Police say the car was on its way to school when it crossed the yellow line and crashed into an empty school bus that had just dropped off a load of students.”

      Nope, no cell phones.

      Stop making assumptions, you’re making yourself look like an idiot.

  • Mom

    If those girls live to talk about this tragic bull accident! Why go into the bus? What was on the drivers mind? That WAS AN ON PURPOSE! Hope they all get mental helth that is needed! Could have been or a dare also!

    • Willow

      How ridiculous! Where does it say this was on purpose? Why would anyone purposely crash their car into a school bus, on the the day of the prom or any other day?

      • Rob

        That….That comment @Mom was probably even stupider than @Tony’s comment about assuming cell phone usage. Honestly, your first assumption is that….

        Seriously? Really? How in the he….

        You know what, never mind. Not even worth it.

    • jasmine

      All these negative comments are outrages.The only thing that matters right now is that all 4 teens make a full recovery. I am a mother of a student at Silverlake and i can’t imagine what the teens and families are going through.My prayers go out to all of them.

  • Mom

    Sorry a male was in there also.

  • Mom

    Each and every parent should make sure their kids ar ok- kiss ahug em before they leace for school! I did. They got into trouble after school! Students got hurt. I can relate.

    • Rob

      I can’t relate because this comment doesn’t even make sense. Let me try to translate it and tear it apart, since a lot of you people make your comments way too easy to do this to.

      “Each and every parent should make sure their kids are okay – kiss and hug them before they leave for school”
      Okay, a little overbearing, especially when they get to the age when they can drive to school on their own. But not unreasonable.

      “I did. They dot into trouble after school”
      Whose kids? Yours? Well, they got in trouble, if you’re the same @Mom that talked about mental health issues, you should have gotten your kids checked! Since apparently that’s your solution to everything is assuming that someone has a mental health problem. However, were you talking about these kids here in this article?

      If so, this happened before school on Friday – The bus had just dropped off students at a school and the car was on their way to the school when they collided. Not sure if this was a misinterpretation by you in the article or by me in your comment.

      “Students got hurt. I can relate.”
      That’s a shame, it is. No sarcasm with that, nobody should see their children injured or lose their children, especially when it’s related to going to school.

      • petem

        Thanks for trying to understand Rob…perhaps one of the most confused commenters ever…well except for gramps :)

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