KINGSTON (CBS) – A school bus and a car collided in Kingston early Friday morning, leaving two students critically injured and a total of five people hurt.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

It happened on Lake Street near Silver Lake High School just after 7 a.m.

Police say the school bus was empty as it left the campus and then was hit head-on by a BMW sedan that had crossed the yellow lines.

Three girls and a boy were in the car.  All are juniors at the high school.  Two are in critical condition and two are listed as serious.

Two of the students were rushed to hospitals in Boston on Med Flight rescue helicopters. A third was taken to Boston in an ambulance.  The fourth student and the bus driver were taken to local hospitals.

The bus driver was not injured but transported to the hospital as a precaution.

There’s no official word yet on what caused the crash.  There were no skid marks at the scene.

The driver of the car, Monica Knight, was the only person conscious in the BMW when rescue workers reached it. The other three students were unconscious.

Students from Halifax, Kingston and Plympton attend the regional high school, which is held its junior prom Friday evening.

After much discussion, school officials decided the prom would go on as scheduled.

“We feel that it is important for our student body to be together in a safe environment during this difficult time,” Principal Richard Kelley said.

Kelley also noted that the senior class has extended an invitation to any student who purchased a ticket for the prom, but is too distraught to attend, to attend the senior prom.

Kelley’s statement also discussed the victims involved in the crash.

“The students involved in the accident this morning are receiving the best medical care possible. We wish them the best and our thoughts and prayers are with them for a swift recovery,” he said.

Comments (60)
  1. boyo says:

    The photo is clear as can be. The car crossed the double yellow lines and ran head on into the bus. I’ll bet the driver was drunk, or texting.

    1. Rob says:

      Wow. Just…Wow.

      Okay, yes, from the pictures it appears the car crossed the yellow line. How in the HELL does that go straight from “they crossed the lines” to “Oh, she’s a teenage girl, I bet she was drunk or texting”. How often do people go to school drunk? Honestly, I graduated high school last year, and no, people don’t actually go to school drunk..There’s no “all the time” tagged onto that because not once did I see someone in school drunk. It was early in the AM, the bus left the high school, the car hit it head on – MY assumption (being less of a do**e with it) is that they were going to school, considering the direction and the fact that there were 4 students all who went to the same school in the car.

      As far as texting? I know that’s an issue. It is. I can’t deny that, and a lot of accidents happen because of it. That doesn’t mean this one was instantly caused because of that.

      Sorry boyo, that post really was just completely disrespectful and out of line.

    2. Brooke Doran says:

      What planet are you people from? Are you serious? Save the arguing for later. Who really has no life and has time to talk about bus rules, moniters and such. Get the F over it and have some compassion for our students and victimes. These postings make me sick.

  2. Rob Cleary says:

    Why write the story if you have no info?

    1. Hooper says:

      I see your name over and over again on this site using such ignorant stereotyping. People like you try so hard turn the word “Liberal” into a shaming insult. Seriously, you should consider taking in a Celtics game or going on a date.

      By the way, Rob, proud American who takes pride in insulting about 40% of his fellow citizens, the word Liberal shares the exact same derivation as the word “Liberty.” Oooh, scary business there. Yes, SOME Liberals SOMETIMES stand for liberty for all, even if it comes at a tangible or opportunity cost. Bummer that the world isn’t exclusively ours all the time.

      Realizing the value in those seat belts, medicine for those who have been denied it for ANY reason, the environment, animals, trees, next generations, not owning 30 guns at a time, not sucking precious life and resources out of our planet to benefit us RIGHT NOW, that PETA exists, that the ACLU exists, that granola exists (Liberal bashers must think that’s all left-wing people eat) is, for you, a vitriolic battle-cry, consider this:

      Liberals do not have the astoundingly prevalent, myopic view that Republicans are all sexless fat bodies who hide behind a computer screen complaining about American rights that have been in place for decades, think the constitution should adapt to their beliefs when it suits them, while arguing against their own economic and advancement self interests, who hate black people and homosexuals, but secretly want to have sex with gay black people.

      As we all know, only SOME Republicans think like this SOMETIMES. Granola is delicious by the way – especially with soy milk while sitting under a willow tree in a wispy sarong.

  3. emom says:

    OK can we now install seat belts on the buses,,, At that time there can be elementary students riding the bus, And from the buses I see, many students are standing in the bus talking with other students,,, Seat belts can save their lives as well as minimise injuries. The bus drive has to wear one, SO why cant the students. I do hope all are well,
    I wonder what caused the car to change lanes like that, Texting, hand held cell phone, fumbling for something, medical conditions, drunk or high. What ever the reason,, Its time to SEATBELTS to be installed in all buses. OH and would it hurt to install cameras, forward and reverse facing ones. that will not only help the bus drivers in problems with students, But can help in the conclusions of accidents regardless who is at fault. Buses need more in safety.

    1. Rob Cleary says:

      Liberals need more intelligence. Why not pack all these precious little cherubs in bubble wrap.Why are moonbats always trying to spend other peoples money?

      1. emom says:

        MOONBATS indeed,, how many children are hurt on buses, Why is it that only the driver has a seat belt. why is there never a monitor on the bus to make the students stay in their seats, Why is it parents scream that all the time, When will safety be first on the buses , How about spending the money for important things instead of salaries for useless employee’s. Yeah I rather protect these fine little cherubs instead of putting their lives at risk… MOONBAT, have you checked your reflection lately,.. OH wait there is none,,,,, never mind carry on…. safety verses selfishness, indeed,

      2. George Bush says:

        Rob is a conservative, that means he is a pedophile and loves to read about kids.

      3. Brooke Doran says:

        Cut the crap with political banter. Who gives a crap about the details? Can we please just come together and pray for these families. We all know this could happen to any one of us at anytime.

        There is an entite community grieving for these families, fdriends and classmates. Just Pray. Please. People make mistakes. Stop the criticism and help these families get through this.

    2. EDAD says:

      The school bus was empty. Are you really that dense? Do everybody a favor and stay off the internet.

      1. emom says:

        When I wrote the origanal , there was no report either way to students on the bus.. Regardless if there was students or not buses still should have seatbelts for everyone. Do everyone a favor and stop judging and acting as a bully.

      2. Rob says:

        I agree with emom. Regardless of having students on the bus or not, this accident should raise the fact that busses are not impervious to collisions and can actually take a hard hit in a collision.

        Busses are not nearly as safe as they should be. This accident was lucky in the fact that it was 5 people affected when it could have been a full bus where up to 50 people could have been effected. It sucks that it happened, but it could have been worse, and I think things need to be done to make sure that something worse won’t happen in the future.

    3. SDD says:

      Simply put, during a situation in which the bus needs to be evacuated, who’s responsibility is it to ensure that all students have successfully disengaged their seat belt? What happens if it can’t be disengaged? Also, what about injuries sustained due to improper use (think child booster seats), who’s responsibility is that? Also, did you know that your precious snowflake has a higher chance of being injured in your car with proper seat belt usage then they do on a bus without seat belts?

      1. EDAD says:

        This is exactly what people like EMOM don’t get. She just likes to fly off the handle on every single topic without making a thoughtful, informed decision.

      2. firemanmark says:

        SDD,percentage-wise you may be correct but I would rather be seat-belted in a car than tossed around in a bus.I have seen accidents where a vehicle is totalled and the occupants walk away from it unscathed.I do agree with you that in the event everyone had to be evacuated in a hurry it could turn into total chaos.

    4. Cat W says:

      Ummm there was nobody on the damn bus. If one of your daughters was in that car, I am sure your focus would be different. Have some respect for these poor kids and their families. Jesus.

      1. Tracy says:


      2. Tracy says:

        AMEN CATW !!! SO TRUE !!!!!!

    5. Evan says:

      Legally there can be up to 72 children on a school bus. If they are all seat belted and there is an accident how does the driver get them all off the bus in an emergency situation?

    6. firemanmark says:

      The story states that the bus was EMPTY. The students were in the car that crossed the line and hit the bus.Teen drivers don’t wear seatbelts in their own cars what makes you think they will wear one on a bus? I have seen way too many accidents with young people ejected from the vehicle and thrown 30 or more feet.It’s all about teaching your kids properly.Maybe driver’s-ed should include 40 hours riding on an ambulance and seeing what really happens.I guarantee it will be an eye-opener for all of them.

      1. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

        Saying teen drivers don’t wear seat belts is a ridiculous statement. The first thing my 17 year old does when she gets in any car is puts on her seat belt. Why you ask? Because that’s how she was raised. When she gets in her own car (which by the way she paid for by herself) she puts her belt of before she even starts her car. Not all teens don’t buckle up!

    7. 1stackmack says:

      ever seen the seat backs on school buses emom,there pritty tall to act as a cushion in case of an accident.having a seatbelt is good in case of a rollover.but many kids just wouldn’t wear a law all commercial drivers area required to wear them by federal law.l can’t stand them personally,there a pain in the but especially in a truck.l wear mine only on the highway.even without belts buses are alot safer than any car,even volvo’s cause of the size of the vehicle.its like this whats safer a smart car or a buick park avenue.

  4. Kim says:

    Arial photography of the wreakage clearly shows the car is in the wrong lane, yet WBZ Channel 4 news coverage leads with “and when we return, more from Kingston, where a school bus has injured several people.” Unbelievable! Apparently CBS’s objective is to make the story sound more sensational rather than report it accurately.

  5. Kerry says:

    This is why I drive my children to school! I was in an accident on a school bus when I was in high school, me and several other students went flying out of our seas and hit the floor and windows, we need seat belts on busses, until then my kids are will be driven in my van in their seat belts!

    1. emom says:

      Kerry I 100% agree, and the problem is MONEY, some feel its so not necesary and I feel to many students are hurt for it. All should have seatbelts if the driver does the students should….
      Parents should tell their cherubs to stay in their seats and not stand up or walk around on the bus,,,

    2. SDD says:

      Kerry, you do know that, statistically speaking, your kids have a higher chance of being injured in your car with proper seat belt usage then they do on a bus without seat belts?

  6. Cynthia says:

    put your political opinion on hold and jus pray for these your students.

  7. emom says:

    Your right, I do pray they are going to be alright, But I also want safety on the buses so things like this will not cause injury to anyone else no matter what kind of vehicle they are riding in. Seatbelts save lives, Lets get them installed.

    1. EDAD says:


    2. Rob says:

      Seatbelts save lives in a car or SUV, yes. But this is a school bus.

      I agree with you that this is a horrible situation, but it is important to learn from it as well. Things like this can happen when the bus is full as well.

      Now I don’t know about the physics of school busses in an accident, so I won’t make an assumption that seat belts will be the best solution (as some commenters have pointed out, they could make the situation worse).

  8. donny says:

    I drop my teenager off at school a few morning per week and have experienced many close calls. Sadly, as a parent, I see they’re usually young drivers speeding to school and/or crossing the centerline… Today’s tragedy will be repeated due to immaturity, speed and distracted drivers – and yes, cellphones.

    My condolences to all affected.

  9. Cat W says:

    I second Crystal’s comment.

  10. Pat says:

    Get Well wishes for all the injured and their families thoughts and prayers are with you

  11. emom says:

    I have a heart, My concerns are for those injured in the future in accidents like this. this has been an issue for decades and sadly we see this over and over again. I do hope those injured get well, I only wish that accidents like this can be lessened with some sort of safety, I guess many do not see that over what has happened,. All I can say is thankfully the bus was not loaded with elementary students, that could have been worse, So if I am a naggy old hag so be it. At least I care,,,,,,

  12. jimbo says:

    Again and again…when will our legislators get their heads out of their behinds and pass a NO cellphone when driving bill? Answer: when one of their children are killed as a result….sad

    1. response says:

      they have one for teens

      1. yamstar1 says:

        A law that is almost 100% ignored by law enforcement. Check the call/text logs on the driver’s cell phone and I’ll wager a week’s pay that she was violating said law which says 18 and under no use while driving.

  13. Willow says:

    Can anyone tell what age a person is while traveling past you at 35 or 40 miles an hour while talking on the phone? I think not, which makes that law nearly unenforceable.

    1. gramps says:

      Change the Law to, ‘Anyone using Hand-Held Cell Phones’ & this is how it’s enforced:

      1) Officer observes the ‘Offense’ & notes the time of day & if possible use’s his/her dash-cam to memorialize the offense & offender.

      2) Pulls the Offender over. Asks for & receives the cell phone #, then verifies it by calling the given # to see if the offenders phone rings…

      3) If necessary, for court purposes, cell phone records will be will be subpoenaed, they’ll show the dates & time of day the phone was in use. This will prove the ‘Motorist’ guilty or innocent.

      4) If the Motorist refuses to surrender his/her cell phone #, they shall/should be treated as if they, ‘REFUSED THE BREATHALYZER’!

      Next problem…


  14. P says:

    The law should have no age criteria,it’s dangerous to yourself and others. Like the collision shop owner said to me,”Cell phones are making me rich”.

  15. P says:

    Just passed the school bus lot and 2 drivers leaving the lot were on cellphones after dropping off the buses.

    1. Rob says:

      This is completely unrelated to the story in any way. Except for the fact to prove that @boyo’s comment was COMPLETELY uncalled for in the fact that the driver of the car may have been on the phone, but may not have been, but then so could the driver as well.

      1. P says:

        Some stories simple evolve

  16. Frank says:

    They just passed a law that for all vehicles over 10k lbs (in other words dump trucks and other commercial or construction vehicles) no cell phones are allowed you must use a hands free device. The law also comes with a 2750 dollar fine for the driver and i believe somewhere over 10k for the company, it sounds to me we should change this law to include all vehicles.

    1. 1stackmack says:

      it starts april 1st.l don’t even mind cell phones for phone calls anymore.but using a cell phone to do everything but make phone calls is getting nuts.texting,tweeting.checking emails.its this BS that has to stop.l don’t know how many drivers l see a day,driving around with ipod ear buds in.thats also you’ll see the feds ban CB radio’s..

    2. Scott says:

      Its another law that is just out there and its all for show. They put out this no texting law and how many people have been caught driving and texting. Its another law that can’t be enforced, because its easy to hide your phone. All this state is doing is making laws that look good, but are pretty much impossible to enforce.

  17. Kristin says:

    Teenage drivers scare me. Raise the driving age, please. Oh, no! That would make parents angry because they would have to drive their angels… oh, no!
    And mom and dad provide a BMW for dd in high school? Seriously? Put two and two together… spolied brat, driving BMW, most likely using cell phone, speeding. Get real people. No sympathy here. Sorry.

    1. JSC says:

      Distraction is one of the major causes of teen car crashes and clearly this was most likely the case here. I lost my 16 year old daughter and her friend in a car crash quite a few years ago. After the crash we worked with legislators on the Junior Operator laws, and we wrote the passenger restriction portion for newly licensed drivers. We wanted no passengers for at least six months, but there was so much backlash by constituents who cried, how inconvenient that would be, so the compromise was that the newly licensed teens could have siblings as passengers. What all of these people need to know is there is no greater inconvenience then burying your child………………

      1. George Bush says:

        Most likely either the driver was texting or on the phone or one of the other kids distracted the driver. It is pretty hard to drive into a giant yellow bus if you are looking at the road even if a person is drunk.
        The only positive here is they did not drive into somebody else that was not in a bus, they could have killed a whole family in the other lane driving in another car.

      2. Barbie says:

        So sorry for your loss. Thank you for using the experience you went through as a catalyst to help change laws regarding driver experience and passengers. As sad as this case is, I hope that if cell phone use was involved, the same will happen here and this will be the catalyst for making cell phone use and texting illegal for all drivers.

    2. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

      Self righteous much? Your comments disgust me. Clearly your mother never taught you to keep your mouth shut if you didn’t have anything nice to say.

  18. 1stackmack says:

    l haven’t seen the news yet so bare with me.a couple of factors l see.1st no skid marks,but this car has abs brakes so that ait saying much.2nd texting or just not paying attention to surroundings.3rd speed.judging by the minimal damage to the bus,l don’t think the bmw was flying.4th around 7 am the sun was pritty bright this morning.l read all the comments,seatbelts in school buses area good if a bus rolls over,but a crash like this,the way the seats area set up,close together with high seat backs.these buses area alot safer than any car.the driver was taken to the hospital as a percaution,thats polite way to say drug tested which is mandatory in a major crash with any commercial vehicle.

  19. Bill says:

    Texting (most likely in this case) + Teenager drivers + Fast car = accident waiting to be happened. I don’t see any brake lines either. Looks like they didn’t break.

  20. hey now says:

    They are four young kids seriously injured and two clinging to there lives. Lets worry about how and why without tearing kids up for an accident.

  21. billbranch says:

    What must happen is that relatives of people injured in crashes caused by distracted drivers should sue state legislators, state and local police, and anyone else who has failed to enact and enforce strict laws regarding the use of devices behind the wheel, sue them all jointly and severally for millions.
    We can not wait any longer. If those groups do not understand a critical situation exists, people in them should be held personally accountable.

  22. Tracy says:


    1. Rob says:

      1 – Cite your source. Making that claim is just as absurd as people assuming that she was texting.
      2 – Now, I’m not a stickler for grammar. I can let a lot slide, but please, please, try to do a little better?

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