When asked if he would join the “Cuts For A Cause” this year Michael Felger happily came aboard and put his hair up for bids.

When the time came to shave there was a lot of mystery around the event and many people from Comcast SportsNet were around.

Watch: 98.5′s Michael Felger Gets A Buzz For Charity

We learned that Comcast won the bidding to shave Felger’s head and brought his wife in to do the shaving. Felger’s head did indeed get shaved, but not as short as he and others thought it was going to be.

T&R thought that there might have been a plan by Comcast to not have Felger’s head completely shaved.

The guys ended up doing some digging and talked to Skip from Comcast on the air about how things went down. Was someone instructed to not cut Felger’s hair too short? If that indeed was the case why?


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