BOSTON (CBS) – Although 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Michael Felger couldn’t be at the fifth annual “Cuts for a Cause” on Wednesday, he still got a haircut for charity.

With Felger & Mazz broadcasting from 2-6pm, Felger could not make it to Royale in Boston for the event, but a special bidder was able to give him a buzz at the Hub’s studio in Brighton.

Comcast Sportsnet New England, Felger’s employer, was worried about their host going too short, so the network won with a bid of $1,321 and gave the honors to his wife, Sara Underwood.

“He hates for me to say it because it’s cheesy, but this is for charity and whenever I try to take him to an event he says no right away, unless it’s for children,” Underwood said after Felger’s buzz-cut.

Felger Meets The Winning Bidder: 

Felger Gets A Haircut: 

Behind The Scenes: 

Felger was blindfolded prior to finding out it was his wife who would be shaving off his “Captain Ron” style hair.

He got a little bit of criticism just moments after the haircut for not shaving it all off, something he said he was ready to do. And his wife is backing him up on that one.

“This morning he was ready to go all the way, and he was sure about it!” said Underwood.

Of course, his co-host Tony Massarotti had some fun with it as well.

felger gets buzzed 98.5s Michael Felger Gets A Buzz For Charity

98.5 The Sports Hub's Michael Felger gets a buzz from his wife, Sarah Underwood, for the fifth annual "Cuts for a Cause."

“You have a funny-shaped head,” he said with a laugh.

And while Felger wasn’t pleased he didn’t get the full buzz, he is happy it’s all for a great cause.

“This is for floating hospital, taking care of kids who are sick. You can look at my head and have a laugh, but think about what it’s for,” he said.

All of the money raised for the event, put on by Bruins forward Shawn Thornton and 98.5’s Toucher & Rich, will be donated through the Boston Bruins Foundation to benefit Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center’s “Child Life Services Activities,” “Shooting Stars” and “Very Important Brothers and Sisters” programs.

Comments (13)
  1. Kent Brown says:

    ” What a FRAUD” that was!
    What’s the point of any of this if you are just getting a regular haircut. I could go to Great Clips if I wanted to see that.

    1. bachman25 says:

      Because it was for a charity you bum. Concentrate on the $1321 that was raised, not the hair. Comcast is his employer and is donating that much $ to the hospital to keep his head looking decent. Sorry whatever twisted fantasy you had of Felger bald didn’t come to fruition. Moron.

  2. tc says:

    He’s not the fraud…Comcast’s the one who spent the $. I think Felger did a great job except he should of manned up & told them to shave it all off. T&R r gonna rip ya 2morrow.

  3. Bill says:

    Mazz is a loser saying douchbag a couple times in front of Mike’s wife. If it was my wife I would have smacked him!

    1. Charlesy says:

      Really, Mr. Bill???…your wife refers to you by the same sobriquet as does Mazz, and numerous others, to his partner. Loosen up, tough guy…its all about entertainment.

      1. Bill says:

        Sorry Charlie. I Grew up in a traditional family. I’m all game for the guy’s to joke but show a little class around the ladies.

  4. Mary Saras says:

    Good for you Michael…now if you’d just button one more button on your shirt!!! crockett

  5. 1stackmack says:

    please bring back wbcn,l’m so sick of sports radio.nothing but so called experts.some needs to shoot gary tangway.his voice and that hairpiece needs to be off the air.l want more music less B S.lf l want talk l’ll renew my xm unit for O & A.

  6. Hoss says:

    You folks are missing the point. It wasn’t about getting a bald Felger or any of the Bruins. It was about the kids. Felger got the highest bid of all and there’s $58,000 total for a great cause.

    Get over your petty jealousy or personal dislike of Felger and give him credit for stepping up and raising some serious coin.

    If you are angry about a story like this, then perhaps you could focus it on those from 98.5 who did not participate. DA, Gresh, Zolak, etc.

  7. blackandyelllowcup says:

    all you clowns that are bashing Felger for not getting his hair completely buzzed should have out bid Comcast and shaved Felgers hair yourself….

    The money all went to the Children’s Hospital…. I believe the Bruins give back more then any other team in this City, because they are Hockey players. Hockey players are the most down to earth professional athletes.

  8. mark says:

    Felger was not the proble here it was Comcast. This Multi Billion dollar company donated a laughable 1300$ then gets to dictate how long his hair gets cut. Joke

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