By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON  (CBS) – Dozens of college students from Boston were busted at the US-Canada border. Agents say they caught 30 kids sneaking alcohol and drugs into the country. They stopped the buses at the Derby Line in Vermont as the group returned from a ski trip in Quebec.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

Reaction on Boston University’s campus was mixed. Some students see it as nothing more than a case of college kids being college kids. Others, like Sophomore Danielle Johns thinks it’s another stain on the school after last weekend’s arrest of the hockey player. “In light of recent events you should try to act the best way possible and represent the school in the best light as you can.”

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

Vermont State Police say Border Patrol turned the case over after eight buses, heading to Massachusetts were stopped, searched and a total of 30 students were found with booze and drugs. All were cited. Twenty six were charged for possessing alcohol under age, three for possession of marijuana and one BU student, 22-year-old Laura Eldred was charged with possession of ecstasy.

At least four of the students are from BU. A spokesman for the school says they were not on a school sanctioned trip and are not on the ski team.

The three BU students charged with possession of marijuana are: 19-year-old Kelly Greacen, 22-year-old Aanchal Khaneja and 19-year-old Dylan Turk.

Still not everyone seemed that surprised or upset by the bust, “I think it sounds pretty typical a group of college students going to Canada. It’s not that far away the drinking age is 18 there they bought it legally they brought it back,” says Junior Liseanne Miller.

Freshman Charlie Crocker agrees, “People understand people are making mistakes, people make their choices I don’t think students care that much.”

The BU spokesman says students are held responsible for what they do on and off the campus and that they’ll have a chance to explain themselves before any action is or isn’t taken against them.

Comments (13)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    kinda ironic that you were just talking about the u.s and canadian border at 5 pm.

  2. George Bush says:

    Big deal,l some booze, a little pot and 1 pill.

  3. jack tar says:

    bz lead story slow day in vermont, cops find college students with alcohol news crew on the way pictures at noon news. Hey boss did we scoop fox this time.

  4. boyo says:

    College kids just being STUPID. They bought the booze legally in Canada but knew they weren’t supposed to bring it onto the US. I did much worse when I was in college and never became a drug addict or derelict.

  5. njuguna muigai says:

    When students go to college they assume they are grown up and they can do whatever they want. Parents should be advising their children about the behaviors that can be dangerous to them. When I was a student some student s sneaked from school to attend a party in the party a fight broke one student was killed and two others were critically injured.

  6. FedUpWithDHS says:

    While they were busting these kids, how many Iranian terrorists slipped across the border on the unwatched crossings?

  7. Riverrat says:

    Our DHS(Border Patrol) are obviously protecting the homeland from these awful kids having fun. Those of us that live along the border seem to be stopped frequently at road blocks and often when out in our boats. I guess they’re just doing their job, but it does frustrate us sometimes.

  8. Wasto Thyme says:

    Definitely a good thing they screen for these things. How dare kids buy Canadian liquor when the U.S. economy is so delicate. They really should have had older friends on the bus buy it in the U.S… very unpatriotic. And VT must be the worst state to try this: isn’t their motto “live free or die?” Pretty sure that translates to live drug free or die of a Marijuana overdose as often happens. And didn’t Harvard just spend millions on a study that showed Ecstasy won’t make you stupid? Clearly its also a dangerous drug… sometimes it even leads to sex, which can be incredibly dangerous if preformed unprotected, upside down, and in a pit full of poisonous snakes. definitely expel everyone involved and put them into the crim justice system forever. I like when my taxes go to this stuff.

  9. ALAN says:

    Our tax dollars hard at work. Beats giving liberals money for sitting around doing nothing.

  10. Lisa M says:

    There is another border, a little to the south of this one, that I think might be more important than the Vermont-Quebec border.

  11. Rhett Terrier says:

    The news needs to actually research the facts. Most of the students busted at the border were not just BU students, there was another major local college whose students were also busted at the border. Only 3/8 busses were BU students.

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