BOSTON (CBS) – Boston University hockey player Max Nicastro, who is accused of raping a student, is no longer enrolled at the college, according to the dean.

Nicastro pleaded not guilty to rape charges in court on Tuesday and was ordered to be held on $10,000 bail.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

He was accused of sexual assault by a female student early Sunday morning and was arrested. The alleged assault occurred on the BU campus.

Authorities said the victim was visibly upset when police arrived, and she was transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for treatment.

Nicastro has been ordered to stay away from the alleged victim and is due back in court on March 26. His family had no comment outside court regarding the charges.

Nicastro had three goals and six assists this season.

Earlier this season, star BU hockey player Corey Trivino was thrown off the team after he was charged with sexual assault.

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  1. REALIST says:

    People lets not forget the Duke Lacross Case or the Tawana Brawley case. Innocent until proven otherwise!!! The accused Duke Lacrosse players are very weathly men after their settlement. For some reason when it comes to rape and young college men the media is all over it. Is it due to some perverted fascination with youth? Its a bit odd they plaster someones face all over the news giving them a bad image before they are even convicted. Woman cry rape more often than it is proven. Also, she was in a dorm and was being raped? Could she not cry for help. I think this is a case of second thoughts after giving into sex, which is not rape but more like coercion.

    1. Thank You Soldiers says:

      There is a lot of smoke there, but there is some fire. You hate to think a false accusation just messed up this kids schooling and potential career in sports but you never know. No means no but you have to wonder if this was a situation of consensual fooling around and he went farther than she wanted to. It doesn’t make it right but there could be more to this than what the headlines read.

  2. REALIST says:

    There is always two sides to the story and who determines when it goes to far only the female? There are far too many false accusations. The news media picks up on it like its factual information. This kid is off his hockey team and out of college. It has already impacted his life. There is a huge difference between forcable rape and things going to far. The amount of attention this story is getting makes it seem she was tied down gagged and then gang banged. That warrents this level of attention. These drunken college interactions creates a situation with falt on both sides.

    1. mamom says:

      Bottom line….no means no….drunk or not. And because she didn’t scream for help, she wasn’t raped? What the heck is wrong with you people? Has anyone failed to notice that, aside from pleading not guilty at his arraignment (pretty much a standard), he has done nothing to suggest he is innocent. Slinking out of town, dropping out of BU (note the article says he is no longer enrolled…NOT that he is suspended). Ya, really shouts innocent doesn’t it?

      1. 5thAmendment says:

        Lawyers almost always advise their clients to “do nothing to suggest they are innocent”. Anything they say can be used against them; most suspects have no clue how each statement could affect the case. The burden of proof is on the accuser. There could be any number of reasons why he would drop out at this point; how many people know just how they would react if they were publicly accused of a crime they didn’t commit? He may well be proven guilty, but it’s not his obligation to prove he is innocent.

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