New York Post Turns Brady’s ‘Party’ Comment Into Trash Talk

BOSTON (CBS) – A seemingly innocuous comment at a Super Bowl rally from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is being turned into prime-time trash talk by the New York media.

The New York Post featured Brady’s face on the front and back pages of its Monday edition with the headlines “Tom talks trash” and “Tom’s Taunt.”

“We’re going down there for one reason,” Brady told the estimated crowd of 25,000 fans at Sunday’s rally at Gillette Stadium. “We’re going to give it our best, and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche reports.

After arriving in Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon, Brady was asked if he was trying to project confidence with his statement.

“Well, it was a pep rally,” Brady answered. “People were pretty excited.”

The New York Post, though, suggested Giants coach Tom Coughlin should use the party plans as bulletin board material for defensive linemen Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, among others.

Last week, the Post reported that Giants players were inspired by Brady’s “arrogance” when talking to reporters prior to Super Bowl XLII. On Sunday, Brady went out of his way to compliment the Giants’ defensive line several times.

“Justin Tuck is as good as they come. Osi, week in and week out, he’s a player who can ruin a game for an offense,” Brady said in Indianapolis. “You look at the group they have now, and they have a ton of depth at the defensive line position. There were times this year when they weren’t all out there as a group, but they’re out there now and they’re playing extremely hard.”

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  • Andrew

    Ha. How sad. Leave it to pathetic New York fans to beg and plead for something other than ability on the field to come into play. Keep grasping at your inadequate little straws fools.

    • Anne

      Gee Andrew, maybe Giant fans are grasping at straws, but hell you guys are
      hugging at a freakin haystake. Withiut Gronk Gronk Gronk (sounds like a wounded animal doesn’t it – HEY it is) Pats haven’t got a chance, not that they
      had much of one with him healthy.

    • Nikki

      I don’t see it as begging…it is motivation…any time the opposite team braggs like that…it is very motivating…the Giants have MORE THAN PROVEN THEIR ABILITY ON THE FIELD…remember SuperBowl XLII?
      Just a note…The town of this years superbowl are all cheering for the GIANTS…

      GO GIANTS!!!!!

  • Steve

    Andrew . .don’t worry . .we’ll be grasping at Brady’s neck soon !

  • Terri Bey

    That’s Rupert “phone tapping” Murdoch for you. I mean, REACHING much, NEW YORK POST? Seriously??? Is English the native language of the NY Media? Perhaps people should look up the definition of the word “hopefully.” Hopefully does NOT mean Guarantee. I am from the NY/NJ area originally, and this is embarrassing. I have admiration for both teams, and the Giants are my hometown team. The Giants are the ones doing the trash talk, and lowering themselves to the level of their fellow NY team, but Brady makes an innocuous comment, and it’s “trash talk?” Seriously?

  • gramps

    Mike, you poor excuse of a 4-letter word you!

    BOSTON, aka, ‘City of Champions’ for the last ‘decade’ or so….&

    “Drink your ‘cooorrrfee’ & move on little boy”!


  • Brian

    Agreed this is just stupid. The media is trying to grasp at anything to juice this up, but this is exactly the reason why players don’t want to deal with the media. what a dumb article. Can’t wait for this game to get started. Should be a good one.

  • Drew Penney

    HAHAHA They really have nothing better to do than to cause motivation for the Giants Team! The Pats motivation is the FANS!! not media and so with that were the better team period!

  • Emmit066

    Reaching is all that the NY media can do. Anyone listening to exactly what Tom said & the WAY he said it, there was no taunt there. Everyone knows that Coach doesn’t put up with media taunting of any type whatsoever.

  • martinmunson

    The Patriots are already scheduled to win, 41-18 (or 31-18, or 31-28) if my football squares have something to say about it. Get your squares!

  • Brian

    Love it Mike. What would you like Tom to say. “We are going down there in hopes to lose” Moron. I bet you would like to put the KY Jelly all over that Hick Eli.

  • Jaygee

    The only problem with the Patriots being in the Super Bowl is that the media won’t let it go for just one day. Since last Sunday, every single newscast begins with the weather, the Super Bowl, more weather and then sports which is about ………you know! Enough is bloody enough. What happened to all of the real news in Massachusetts?

  • Matt Souza

    the media just puts more pressure onto the players. the media should not be used to get an edge

  • Lisa L

    Leave it to a New York paper to take something out of context…what’s even worse the New Yorkers are stupid enough to believe it LOL

  • tsalnew

    Brady doesn’t trash talk – the Patriots don’t trash talk. However, NY has it down to science and now is trash talking for Brady and the Patriots – how predictable and how pathetic.

  • Fun Fact

    (In the past decade) NewYork has had 3 Teams, which equals 3 chances to make the Superbowl every year, and all they could manage is 2. while NewEngland has one team and has made it 5 times. So in the past decade NY has had 30 chances, while NE has had 10. NY is 2 for 30 and NE is 5 for 10. Percentage wise NE makes the Superbowl 50% of the time. NY makes it 6.6% of the time. So I completely understand why it absolutely must sucks to be a NY football fan.

  • FunFact

    (In the past decade) NewYork has had 3 Teams, which equals 3 chances to make the Superbowl every year, and all they could manage is 2. while NewEngland has one team and has made it 5 times. So in the past decade NY has had 30 chances, while NE has had 10. NY is 2 for 30 and NE is 5 for 10. Percentage wise NE makes the Superbowl 50% of the time. NY makes it 6.6% of the time. So I completely understand why it absolutely must stinks to be a NY football fan.

    • docbryan

      It didn’t suck after Superbowl 42.

  • Rod, Vancouver BC

    An example of the hypocrisy in Media Sports coverage…..WBZ is upset claiming New York is ‘twisting’and inncocent comment made by Brady into something more, making it ‘trash talk’. Yet 8 months ago, it was WBZ that ‘twisted’ Luongos’ innocent comment about how he and Tim Thomas’ goaltending styles are different, and made it into a huge deal.

    Dont accuse others when you donthensame thing yourself.

    • blackbear1

      O welcome back to Boston. Leave it to one of you guys to come up with that observation. Football is not your game. As a matter of fact, I don’t think hockey is. However, you do a great job of flopping, falling, hitting from behind then running, piling on(close to football), whining etc. Your unique, unmanly, not eye to eye, sneaky style of play has caught the attention of the entire NHL. Your core values and mission is not in alignment with the great sport of hockey. The only good thing about your weirdo city is that my favorite player of all time, Paul Kariya, is from there.
      To the rest of you: GO GIRLS!!!

  • Steeler 6 Pack


  • Mark Wahlberg

    Everyone outside of Boston hates me too, who kaas?

  • donny

    I tried HOPEFULLY, but my dog wouldn’t poop on the NY POST and the dead fish rejected being wrapped in it. HOPEFULLY, my wood stove doesn’t mind it as a firestarter.

  • Karen in NY

    I have maxed out on Motrin for my headache, and Pepto Bismol for my stomach for all the agita the NY media has made of this. This was not taunting, this was a pep rally for Pats fans. Geez, Louise. these fans and the NY media are sooooooo annoying. I had to relocate to NY 4 years ago to help care for my Dad (Alzheimer’s). Yesterday it was a NY bar taking Sam Adams off the menu. I’m stocking up here at the house, ’cause much as I’d love to go order a Sam on tap at Foley’s, we are a lot more classy than that. Sunday I’ll wear the Army Ranger t-shirt my nephew gave me (after his 2nd Iraq tour) punt Gronkowski’s name on the back of that t-shirt (I’m Polish on my Mom’s side of the family), make some killaaaaaaaaaaah New England Clam Chowdaaaaaaaaaaaah, and route on my Pats. Remember all our troops at home & abroad who are the true heroes, especailly those in harm’s way who get some time away from the front lines. Oh yeah, Myra Kraft will be the 12th man. Go Pats Go!

    • response

      Karen, I’m from NY living here and I can tell you, the fans here are just as annoying….
      This comes from the Post….what do people expect…

  • Michele

    Did Sexy Rexy call and complain or something???

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  • NE Pete

    My uncle used to be a huge Giants fan growing up. He told me this story once. He said…”when I was a kid, I used to love the Giants, then I got a little older and only loved women, but then I went back to loving the Giants because I realized women won’t always screw you, but the Giants will ALWAYS screw you”.

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