WASHINGTON DC (CBS) – WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid breaks down the Patriots-Redskins game quarter-to-quarter from FedEx Field in the nation’s capital.

Fourth Quarter/Final Thoughts

The Highs

– The Redskins drove on the Patriots to end the game, but the defense came up when they had to. They also had a little help, thanks to Santana Moss. First he pushed off on a potential game-tying touchdown and was called for offensive pass interference. Then he coughed up a catch over the middle that went into the hands of linebacker Jerod Mayo for an interception. It was Mayo’s second pick in as many games.

After the game, Bill Belichick sung the praises of his defense.

“I was really proud of our defense coming up with a stop there on that last drive, that was big. I thought we had our moments there all the way around; some good, some not so good,” the coach said.. “It was a hard fought game. Luckily we made a couple more plays than they did to come out on top.”

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– Tom Brady was off his game but the Pats still managed to win. Funny that we think 22-for37, 357 yards, three touchdowns and one INT is “off his game,” but Brady did not look himself. It was another ugly W for New England, but a W none the less.

“We’re capable of putting a lot of good plays together, we just have to do it consistently for 60-minutes,” the Pats QB said after the game. “That’s what you see out there; we have opportunities to make plays but for whatever reason we are just a little bit off. We’re still working at it; there is nothing perfect in football. Unless you’re the Packers.”

The Lows

– Brady was off all game, throwing behind, over, ahead and under his receivers. He threw a rare interception in the endzone as the Patriots looked to build on a seven point lead. He was seen on the bench yelling with offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien after the play. It got so heated, Bill Belichick had to get in the middle of it. The two were seen sitting next to each other shortly after though. That just goes to show how fired up TB12 gets…

– The Redskins receivers burned the Patriots zone all day.

– McCourty looked banged up by the end of the game, with his right arm hanging by his side.

– Deion Branch suffered a groin injury and had to leave the game.

Final: Patriots 34-Redskins 27

Third Quarter

The Highs

– The Pats open the quarter with a score.  Brady to Wes Welker to soften them up and then Brady to Gronkowski for 37 yards and a touchdown.  Gronk’s second touchdown of the day, and the second-year tight end has already set a a new career high in receiving yards.  He’s having a big game.

– The shootout continues and the Pats get on the board again.  A six-play drive that featured Aaron Hernandez , but ended with a Brady to Welker touchdown.  The Pats need to play some defense because the offense is right on.

– Not pretty but the Pats hold the Skins.  Washington was able to move the ball down the field on  their last possession of the quarter but the Pats stopped their drive at midfield.

The Lows

– Skins first possession of the quarter and they get on the board also.  A ten-play drive that ended with a six-yard touchdown pass to David Anderson, who was wide open in the endzone.  Pats defense is being victimized by penalties.  It’s killing their third downs.

Patriots up 34-27 after three quarters…

Second Quarter

The Highs

– On the Pats first possession of the quarter they get on the board.  This should have been more than just three points though.  Aaron Hernandez with a drop in the endzone.  The Pats did go 16-plays and eat up a ton of clock, but Hernandez has got to make the catch here.

– Pats end the half by getting three more.  Gostkowski with a 23-yard catch and run.  Curious call in this drive, as  Brady went into a slide and Washington’s London Fletcher gets called for roughing the passer for making the hit. Brady went into his slide late, and Fletcher was already coming at him. This may have been a makeup call from before.

The Lows

– On the first play of the quarter the Skins offense gets on the board.  Brandon Banks with the option pass to Santana Moss for 49-yards and a touchdown.  The Pats defense did not see this play coming and left Moss wide open.

– Second possession of the quarter for the Skins and they get three more.  This time they get 11 plays off and kick a 25-yard field goal.  A bad call did not help the Pats. Devin McCourty had an interception but the refs called roughing the passer on Andre Carter. It was a bad call, but the  Skins kept the ball and got points out of it.

– Brady just 8 of 19 in the first half. He’s looked off for most of the day, with balls sailing over open receivers. Wonder if that Washington pass-rush is getting to him?

Game tied at 20 at the half…

First Quarter

The Highs:

– Redskins with the ball first and the defense holds.  Matthew Slater is once again starting at safety, and Dane Fletcher is back at linebacker. Fletcher with some good pressure on Grossman early.  Pats defense forces the Skins into 3 and out.

– Redskins second possession and the defense comes up with a big play.  Andre Carter with a sack of Grossman, his 10th of the season, in the endzone.  Rex fumbles and Vince Wilfork falls on it for a the touchdown.  The Pats get on the board on Wilfork’s first career touchdown. Carter is only the third Patriots with 10+ sacks during the Belichick Era.

– Second possession for the Pats and they get on the board.  Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski twice.  One a 49-yard catch and run and the other for 11.  On the 49-yarder Rob would not go down or be forced out-of-bounds.  Gronk now has the record for most touchdown catches by a tight end in a season.

The Lows:

– Pats offense gets off to a cold start.  First play from scrimmage was a 24-yard pass to Aaron Henandez, but they stall from there on three straight INC passes from Brady.

– Skins third possession of the quarter and they get on the board.  A 24-yard field goal.  This could have been avoided.  On 3rd and long, Grossman went to Donte Stallworth on a 51 yard passing play.  Stallworth beat McCourty on the play.

– Skins fourth possession of the quarter and they get on the board again.  It was aided by a pass interference call on McCourty.  A 9-yard touchdown pass from Grossman to Jabar Gaffney.

– Last possession of the quarter for the Pats offense and they go three and out and Brady gets sacked.

Pats Up 14-10 after first quarter…

Tune in to the Patriots-Redskins game Sunday on WBZ-TV and 98.5 The Sports Hub at 4:15pm. Stay tuned after the game for all the reaction and analysis on 98.5, and over on MYTV38 with Patriots Fifth Quarter.

Comments (6)
  1. steve marantz says:

    what is wrong with santos and cappeletti?

    they give the outcome of a play but no description.

    i have absolutely no idea how welker scored to put them up 34-27. they never described the action.

    same with brady’s miss to gronkowski near the end of the first half. same with lots of plays. you get the outcome but no description.

  2. Matt Souza says:

    i think the defense is getting better the offense is going down though i hope the offense goes back up and the defense continues to do so as well

  3. Ronald Burgandey says:

    If there was one word to describe the Pats “D” it would be PATHETIC ! Looks like one and done in this years playoffs.

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