WASHINGTON DC (CBS) – Rob Gronkowski of New England Patriots set a new NFL record on Sunday.

“What record?” Gronkowski joked after the game.

Gronkowski caught his 14th receiving touchdown of the season in the first quarter of the Patriots 34-27 win over the Washington Redskins, setting a new NFL record.

“I got the ball back and everything, so it was cool,” said Gronkowski, who delivered his patented spike after the play, only to retrieve the ball after.

But record or not, his main focus was helping his team win.

“It’s cool to get a record and everything, but that really doesn’t matter. We got the team victory, we got the W and that’s all that matters,” he said. “The defense played well at the end of the game; they got that interception which was huge. Can’t be any better than coming out with a victory.”

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Gronkowski’s record-breaking touchdown gave New England a 14-3 lead  at the time. The score capped a two-play, 60-yard drive that was all Gronk. The other play was a 49-yard catch-and-run by Gronkowski which he dragged two Redskins with him, then avoided another defender along the sideline.

The score was his ninth touchdown catch, and 10th touchdown overall,  in the last six games. He later added another touchdown in the third quarter.

San Diego’s Antonio Gates originally set the record with 13 touchdown catches in 2004, and was joined by San Francisco’s Vernon Davis in 2009.

Now Gronk has the record, and more importantly he has the ball. As for what he plans on doing with it?

“I don’t know, spike it?” he joked. “Practice my spikes with it.”

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