BOSTON (CBS) – A 7-year-old boy accused of sexual harassment for kicking another student in the groin will be transferred to a new school in the city of Boston.

The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, met with Tynan Elementary School officials for a disciplinary hearing on Monday. She had said her son, Mark Curran, was defending himself when he kicked an alleged bully in the crotch.

Lynch told WBZ-TV Monday that her two children will be transferred to a new school in the city. Lynch said she will keep her kids out of school until the transfer process, which can take up to 48 hours, is complete.

Lynch also told WBZ-TV that both of her sons are happy with the change.

No charges will be filed in the incident.

The school declined commenting on the hearing, calling it a “specific student disciplinary matter.”

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  1. Steven H. says:

    The Bully won to choke another day! Great job Tynan Elementary School, you’re a fine example of what state legislation can do to save people from bullies literally choking the life out of them…nothing.

    Pathetic. Throw this fine example in the Governor’s face should he ever talk about bullying again. It’s alive, well, and the schools refuse to do anything except punish people who try to defend themselves.

  2. Good-for-you-kid says:

    This really shows you how “serious” schools take this “No bullying” stance. A little boy is bullied, stands up for himself, and HE’S the one to get in trouble? Good for him kicking that kid in the crotch. He stuck up for himself, something that not enough kids do. Maybe if every kid that was picked on stuck up for themselves there wouldn’t be as much bullying. OR maybe if the schools did what they were supposed to do and disiplined the kids doing the bullying there would be less of it too….

  3. gramps says:

    Is that all?

    No statment from the ‘City of Boston’?

    Just arrogance?


    1. MF says:

      “City of Boston” will do what every organization does – hide behind the privacy laws. “We cannot comment on this matter due to privacy regulations.” Yadda yadda yadda. Far too often, privacy laws do far more to protect the guilty than to protect the innocent.

    2. gramp's says:

      Mr. Mayor,

      You’re willingness to get involved with ‘Southies’ shelved out parking spaces,
      tells me you have the ‘GUSTO’ to get involved in the Hub’s,school system’s …
      ‘Gonad-Gate’ !

      Your ‘School system has become the ‘laughing stock’ of the ‘Nation’….Since this disgraceful situation centered around ‘Testicles & Self Defense’…..


      Your school department is telling us that there’s nobody in the ‘Boston Public School System’ with the….. ‘SACK’….. to do their JOB, step forward & ‘EXPLAIN’?


      They’re hiding & won’t do their job’s…

      Will you do it for them?


      We don’t want to know about the ‘kids’, we want to know about your ‘ADULT ADMINISTRATORS’!

    3. gramps says:

      Mr. Mayor,

      Your ‘School system’ has become the ‘laughing stock’ of the ‘Nation’!

      Your displayed willingness to get involved with ‘Southies’ snow shelving habits with respect parking spaces, tells me you have the ‘GUSTO & TESTICLES’ to get involved in the Hub’s School System’s……



      Your school department is telling us that there’s nobody in the ‘Boston Public School System’ with the….. ‘SACK’….. to do their JOB, step forward & ‘EXPLAIN’ this debacle?


      They refuse do their job’s & stand by their decisions, yet we/you allow them to teach our kids?…. “Disgraceful!

      Will/could you do it for them?


      We don’t want to know about the ‘kids’, we want to know about your ‘ADULT, PUBLIC SERVICE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS’!

    4. mike says:

      No statement from the elementary school, not from the “City of Boston”. Read more carefully. Mom is merely transferring her children to another school within the city of Boston.

    5. amtr says:

      Is it not interesting that the picture of the bully wasn’t published. Can we all guess why?

      1. Sheri says:

        Of course we all know why. The disgusting bully is either black or muslim.

        We live in north Alabama in the town next to the one where a 14 year old kid was shot a year and a half ago at school. What most of the media isn’t reporting is that the victim was black and the shooter is muslim. The muslim kid had just been back one week from the alternative school for bad kids. The muslim kid’s daddy is a doctor. Doctor Daddy got the best lawyer money can buy and got his kid out of jail, claiming he was mentally ill. It hasn’t been reported yet if Doctor Daddy is married or not (if he is apparently mommy or stepmommy works too). The shooter was expelled from school. No one is home all day so the muslim shooter boy roams the streets. I’m sure glad we don’t live in that neighborhood.

        Anyway the trial will be this spring (Two Years after the crime was committed) and of course the defense is going to be insanity. I think the kid will get what is coming to him though because there isn’t a jury in this state that won’t convict him unless it’s made up of mostly blacks and muslims.

      2. freecheese says:

        Yeah, I can guess why the bully’s pic wasn’t posted. He’ BLACK !

      3. Republicrat says:

        Privacy laws prevent the release of minor’s information without parent’s consent. The victim’s parents consented to having his information posted. The bully’s parents did not.

    6. The Sage Waitress says:

      Gramps…most education majors are kids who go to college for seven years, smoking weed and drinking between classes like Esoteric Paradigms and Queer Theory. Then their student loans run out and the college has to give them a degree, so they get one in education. Those who are ill-equipped to teach (most of them) find jobs in “education administration”.

      So that is what he have here: a bunch of burnouts and druggies in positions of power, with no idea of how to use this power.

    7. ken says:

      Gramps, You ask a lot of good questions. I’ll be curious to know if/when anything is done about this.

    8. Don Woribouit says:

      Does he have to register as a sex offender too then?

      1. hiway280z says:

        Good idea but, he needs to go to prison for forty years first. If he was 8 we could have gotthelittle sex offender and put him death row. (Sarcasim intended)
        Our Country has gone nuts.

    9. gramps says:

      Just asking?

      What about the kid who stole his gloves & tried to ‘CHOKE HIM TO DEATH’?



      Who are the ‘ADMINISTRATIVE MORONS’ that said that this was a ”sexual harassment’ issue?

      Their must be a least 2/3 Administrators that O.K.’d & produced this situation. The ‘taxpayers’ have a right to know, who & why!

      Are they still employed?…… If so, ‘WHY’?…..Were they even disciplined @ all?

      Why are they being protected!!!

    10. ggramps says:

      Mr. Mayor,

      Your ‘School system’ has become the ‘laughing stock’ of the ‘Nation’!

      Your displayed willingness to get involved with ‘Southies’ snow shelving habits with respect parking spaces, tells me you have the ‘GUSTO & TESTICLES’ to get involved in the Hub’s School System’s……



      Your school department is telling us that there’s nobody in the ‘Boston Public School System’ with the….. ‘SACK’….. to do their JOB, step forward & ‘EXPLAIN’ this debacle?


      They refuse do their job’s & stand by their decisions, yet we/you allow them to teach our kids?…. “Disgraceful!

      Will/could you do it for them?


      We don’t want to know about the ‘kids’, we want to know about your ‘ADULT, PUBLIC SERVICE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS’!

    11. gramps says:

      Boy, It’s a good thing that ‘Dean College’ isn’t part of the ‘Boston Public School System’!!

      Cause that student that got beat up would be in ‘DEEP TROUBLE”!


  4. gramps says:

    Just asking.

    What about the kid who stole his gloves & tried to ‘CHOKE HIM TO DEATH’?


    Who are the ‘MORONS’ that said that this was a ”sexual harassment’ issue?

    Their must be a least 2/3 idiots that produced this situation. The ‘taxpayers’ have a right to know, who & why!

    Are they still employed?…… If so, ‘WHY’?…..Were they even disciplined @ all?

    Why are they being protected!!!

  5. response says:

    good questions gramps….can’t wait to hear the update on this story

  6. Catharine from RI says:

    What a bunch of B.S. If my kid defended himself from a bully in that manner I’d get him an icecream cone. Seriously, what a bunch of jerks treating the boy as if he did something sexual when he defending himself. I’m disgusted. And ‘Gramps’: I agree w/ your sentiments 100%!!!! They need to answer to someone for their actions and they should also be fired!

    1. AA says:

      You might get him an ice cream cone. But MINE reacted with WORDS and wound up in court. If you are not the right color … well….

    2. Alleycat says:

      He should have kicked him twice. Then, I’d have gotten him a double-dipper.

    3. Eileen says:

      Catharine….I am with you 100%. I am so tired of the BULLIES being PROTECTED! What the *&%$ is WRONG with these school administrators? How do they even BEGIN to rationalize that?! SMDH @ the state of this country as of late :-(

  7. Liz says:

    Forgot the whole issue of the kid kicking another kid… that’s a big one, but… why is this kid’s name and PHOTO released to the public!! Now every parent who sees this (and any other news station) will take anything this child does in the future and will use this as further damning evidence. The poor child will never be taken at face value. He’ll always carry this with him, whether he knows that or not! Shame on WBZ and another other news station for showing his name and picture.

    1. Italo says:

      EXACTLY, Liz. I think that is reprehensible, whereas if another under-age-16 individual is charged with something such as, say, murder or some other crime, their photo can be withheld. I wonder if the other student who tried to choke this one, has been charged with tracheal vandalism, or perhaps property theft for attempted robbery of a fellow student’s Adam’s Apple?

    2. Hammer says:

      Liz, it is beyond foolish to publish the child’s picture and name, and this rag of a news service should be called out and sued for that one.

      On the other hand, let’s NOT forget the whole issue of the kid kicking the other kid. Instead, let’s make an issue of the difference between criminal aggression (choking for theft) and innocent defense (a kick to the groin). Justice demands we make a distinction between those guilty and those innocent, the wolves among us and the sheep among us. One of the basic rights of all people is to protect oneself from violence. In this case, the kick to the groin should be commended, and that disciplinary hearing had the wrong child in tow.

      1. gramps says:

        I think ‘BZ’ asked for & got permission from the mother to publish pic’s & names.


    3. Bunky says:

      They did it because he isn’t black.
      If he was black, his likeness nor his name would be published.
      It would all be hush hush except for the other kid who would be indicted for a hate crime.
      Welcome to the new USA!

    4. ggramps says:

      ‘BZ’ probably got an OK to print names show pic’s….

      There ‘was’ a TV interview with the mother.


    5. Republicrat says:

      The parents authorized the release of this information.

  8. Linda says:

    Be glad Mom that your boys were transferred to another school, apparently this school is a dysfunctional disaster. May God bless you & your boys and I pray they get an excellent education.

    1. TheRealKingMax says:

      “pray that they get an excellent education”????!

      Linda, with all due respect, you’re a born optimist.

      He’ll still be in a Boston public school. He’ll be getting his butt kicked while Comrade Teacher will be filling his head full of NEA communist crap and how glorious Chairman Obama is.

      That boy will be lucky to survive now that some cretin put his pic up on the websites.

  9. Linda says:

    Where’s the pictures of the kid who tried to choke this boy, the dumb teachers who call this sexual harassment and the idiot principal who went along with it. Tells me where their minds are and I don’t mean in the education department.

    1. Jonathan says:

      Why are victims and aggressors treated ALIKE in this liberal nightmare of a society?!!!!! People should jam the school’s phone lines in protest!!!

  10. Veritas says:

    That school needs to be “kicked in the testicles” by the parents in the district. Do not cave to the ridiculousness, Ms. Lynch! Demand the firing of the officials who decided this was “sexual harassment”. By simply transferring schools, you are condoning the administration’s behavior. Stand up for truth.

  11. Xman says:

    Sue the school for unjust justice or injustice.

    If I was being choked, a quick kick to the groin will free my neck!
    It is not sexual harassment, it is saving your own life.

    1. Amos says:

      Suing would only affect the property owners and taxpayers. These dysfunctional school administrators and law enforcement officers could care less if the mother sued. It is patently evident that the sifting process of the education system failed to weed out these people before they attained their levels of incompetency.

  12. rhonda says:

    I am appalled that the name and photo of this child have been released. The news media apparently has no sense of responsibility to protect this child from further humiliation, labeling or harassment. I wonder how long his name and the words sexual harassment will be intertwined in the land of google.

  13. Jonn says:

    This is what Martha Coakly means whenb she says self help is discouraged…….that is why people need to change things by voting….we had the chance last elections but this state keeps voting the same people in….

  14. OldJetDriver says:

    This is what you get when you put liberal, politically correct people in charge of anything…

  15. Scott G says:

    An anti bullying campaign at its finest!!

  16. Ken Pittman says:

    I dont see this as a sexual issue but why is the photo and ID of the child made known? I thought there are privacy issues under certain ages?

  17. BILL MCNEAL says:


  18. david longley says:

    There’is something missing from this story, like why the administrators are protecting the bully. Someone should look into that and report on it.

    1. AFL-CIO worker says:

      I guarantee he’s black. That’s why.

  19. Japes Macfarland says:

    So the bullied kid has to move schools and the bully gets to stay. (The bully should be charged with attempted murder…since they ‘went there’ w/ the sexual assault allegation…i.e. psychologically abusing the victim. Disgusting, heartless leftist bureaucrats.)

  20. Martnique says:

    Common sense is the first casualty of liberalism.

  21. Friend Willie says:

    These people are educating our children? I wouldn’t trust them to feed goldfish. This is liberalism run amok.

  22. Bruce M Jaqua says:

    Anti-bullying apparently means do not pick on or identify the bully. I am willing to bet anything that the bully is either the kid of an illegal or something to that effect. It would perfectly explain why the screwel system is keeping that information quiet.

  23. Databyter says:

    They TEACH women to kick attackers in the groin because they are smaller and weaker.
    So why does this logic not apply to a young child being attacked by an older bully?

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      Why? because little white boys can’t be exploited and used by the Left as a “minority” group, like woman can. (of course it’s still logical, but this is why it isn’t encouraged)
      For example, ever wonder why the Left doesn’t consider Cuban Americans or Iranian Americans as a ‘minority’? It’s because they generally don’t fall for leftism and don’t vote Left. If they can’t control you, they aren’t interested in you. The Left has *nothing* to do with compassion. Leftism just capitalizes on compassion and demonizes its ideological opponents relentlessly to alter perception in the cultural ether.

  24. Stacey Bridgefield says:

    Kicking someone in the genitals IS sexual assault. But this kid was obviously defending himself. However, people (especially women) who kick guys in the genitals simply because they are having an argument need to be prosecuted. There is no reason to put another human being through that level of physical pain simply due to a disagreement, and everyone knows that if a man kicked a woman in the groin it would certainly be considered sexual assault.

  25. Hammer says:

    Where I live, this school is becoming a laughingstock, and the butt of myriad jokes…

  26. Carl Mayo says:

    self defense is against the rules in the liberalized public school monopoly. if you don’t want your child to be choked by a bully, then do what obama does: send you kids to private school.

    if you can’t afford what rich liberals get to do, then that’s just TOO DAMN BAD!

  27. TheGoodGuy says:

    Watch out for who you vote for this November. Time for a real change.
    Vote for Common Sense. Or it’s cousin. I understand Common Sense dies a few years back.

  28. Clyde says:

    Heeeeeeeeere’s LIBERALISM!

    Enjoying the up-is-down subversion?

    Enjoying the evil and derangement of your liberal politically-correct “bureaucrats”?

  29. It's Clyde again says:

    Which once again proves my theory — liberals are psychotic and depraved.

  30. MFIREBRAND1 says:

    I know this is only a skit for SNL. Close this backward school untill they can hire some real teachers. The teachers I talk to say they spend their days babysitting and breaking up fights which leaves little time to teach. JUST ONE BIG SOCIAL EXPERIMENT TO BENIFIT THE UNIONS AND MAKE THE KIDS STUPID.

  31. Thomas says:

    What else would you expect from the cesspool that relects Kerry and Frank?

  32. WagTheDog says:

    This insanity is obligatory in Britain, and now the “1984” disease has spread to the USA. What’s the cure? Eliminate all “PC” laws, then reeducate or replace all school administrators and teachers who refuse to use common sense. This will take a MAJOR change in the White House next year. It will probably be our last chance to undo all the travesties that the past four Presidential Administrations have perpetrated upon us.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      You wrote: “What’s the cure? Eliminate all “PC” laws”

      Yes and No; I mean, why not simply shrink the State. We’ll take care of each other instead. Carter started the DOE and unionised the teachers. They’ve had most of our kids for over 40 years now and have clearly failed, across the board. The government should not be education our kids in the first place.

      “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
      Dennis Prager

  33. slickzip says:

    The bully is the one who should be transferred to a reform school .!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Axxhole public school authorities. They kidnap your kids into mandatory public schools or force you to pay for public schools [thru property taxes] if you send your kinds to private school and pay for that, also —- paying twice, in other words. WALMART treats you a lot better than the frkn government does. Meanwhile, back at the hacienda, these so-called “public servants” shoot off their fat lying mouths at the critical taxpayers, who object to the teachers’ fat salaries, fat benefits, fat bonuses, fat loan arrangements, and fat pensions. Overthrow them and institute all-privatE schools. I’m an atheIST — but I notice that the local Catholic schools in SoCal turn out better students than the public schools do — and for a lot less money, too.

  35. matt2717 says:

    These school administrators wouldn’t know what it’s like to be kicked in the crotch, because they don’t have any balls.What do you expect from the People’s Communist Socialist Liberal Republik of Assachewsetts?

  36. emom says:

    My kid takes karate and well if you are being choked from any angle and their groin is open , swing away, Take them out with a quick hit, or a kick. Thats right it will loosen their grip fast, HEY LADIES REMEMBER TO DO JUST THAT WITH AN ATTACKER. The school should be held responsible for all the grief these boys and family have had to endure. To accuse him of such a crime well all I can say is their lawyer should be having discussions with them ,… How fair is it these children have to change schools all while the bully is walking loose to once again cause trouble and still get away with it.. SHAME ON BOSTON FOR EVEN ALLOWING SUCH ACTS OF THIS KIND, PUNISH NOT ONLY THE BULLY BUT HIS PARENTS..

  37. MJones says:

    When my children were in elementary school, I told them that, if they were physically threatened by a boy, to kick them in the crotch. No regrets. Why should there be?

  38. Alec says:

    Some of my best friends have been people whom I have fought with as a kid. That is what boys do. I guess these kids did not have enough drugs in there system to meet the qualifications of being in that school system.

  39. Jennifer G says:

    you’re a hero, kid. remember that. if every kid stood up for themselves against the bullies of the world we’d probably have a lot less crime, fewer gang members, and greater peace of mind with the future of our society. i know that every bully that i stood up to will never forget me, and i them. i just hope that this bully won’t be let off of the hook, at the very least, by his own peers.

    i am disgusted that this boy’s name was released immediately with this story, and now his photograph. if i were a parent in those schools that the boy has left and will soon be attending, i’d have my kid put this boy’s photo in their locker. “This boy stands up to bullies and so shall I”

    New York’s Finest sends it regards to you kiddo. keep on keeping on

  40. Angus Clarke says:

    Let’s see, unarmed robbery, assualt and battery, attempted murder. And the school wanted to press sexual harassment against the child that was defending himself. The school should be ashamed of themselves.

  41. emom says:

    All schools want to do is pamper , baby and coddle these wonderful little darling angels of wonderfulness.. RIGHT and the ones that are bullied are the reason there is so much problems in our schools, From what I see its the bullies that have controlled these schools with their parents help. THATS RIGHT, the bullies moms & dads are no better.. All they do is encourage them to harass others . Saying they deserve it all because they are not like your manipulating darling. That’s right You enablers, making your kids turn our to be criminals by adult hood.. Oh wait they are that by 12. Yeah and to the schools, what a great job in how you handle these issues, telling the victims that its all their fault, that they created these bullies by not being friends with them…..
    Like as if they were only joking with you to get you to be their bestest friend. after they punched you in the back kicked you , knocked you down , slapped you stole your pack, tripped you and yes choked you.. YEAH they were just trying to be your friend,
    And in the end you treat the victim like this,, What a world we live in , The innocent must prove they are truly innocent , all the while the guilt is presumed innocent and we must prove they are guilt even if its staring you right in the face. I am glad he kicked that kids gonads, he deserved it, Should this bully do this to others maybe they should do it again till the punk gets the message, Oh and send the parents a message, that they will have to pay restitution to the victims.. Maybe that will set them straight.

  42. Betty Biddles says:

    Thank goodness this boy is out of this dysfunctional school. Anyone who would say that defending yourself from being choked by kicking someone in the crotch is sexual harassment is a sick person. I wish this kid and his mom well. I wonder if the choking bully has been disciplined? I”d say that is reason for suspension.

  43. Gil says:

    Way to go kid! Maybe the bully will think twice before bulllyig someone else. That is if he can think.

  44. Delaware Refugee says:

    I bet the attacker is non-white and automaticallly a victim in the eyes of the school system. My son was punished for reporting that he and other white kids were being targeted for threats and assaults. They gave us a letter saying he couldn’t go to some of his classes and he could only use the nurse’s restroom. I conisdered this segregation but the state and fed govt would not help us. We moved because we refused to pay taxes to a state that allowed bullying victims to be punished.

  45. JoeyO says:

    My daddy told me a long time ago that the only way to deal with a bully is to make him pay a price to harass you. A punch in the face or a kick in the balls would qualify. Otherwise you will always be a target because the bully perceives that he has nothing at risk. His advice always worked even though I took some punishment over the years.

  46. Peter Nutson says:

    I have one question………..why in the world would this CBS station print this seven years old picture with his name? Has all decency left journalism, digusting.

  47. Danglingjohnson says:

    I also kicked a guy in the balls at school when I was a kid. Glad I lived i different times.

  48. Mathias Ice says:

    Common already, its public information…

  49. Verheek says:

    The more I read, the more I see the downward spiral of society. When are things going to swing back to common sense?

  50. Thomas Muir says:

    why is the victim being asked to stay home for 48 hours thats admitting wrong doing. the mother should have threatened the school board with aiding in assault. I’m sure the mother of the seven year old could have made a good case for self defense.

  51. Billy Collins says:

    What happened to the bully? Was the bully a minority?

  52. Jack Iodice says:

    Will the young man who defened himself, be taking mug shots, etc to his new
    school? In this PC world, Ma, a subset of the universal set, the U.SA…the victim has become the perp; and perp has become the victim..So all ye loyal libs, and others who fall under the spell of the PC’s…Keep electing, the Big Jawns, the Barnies, the Dukes, the Marties, and all the others that feed at the trough, geeration after generation…and yow will guarantee your clones will bow, and genuflect, and apologize for being who we are..They do not see,do not hear, do respond (unless the media is there)..All fo this because one brave, young man defended himself..oh my!! So, young gentlemen, go to your new school,, keep your heads high, do well, and stick to your (principles) beliefs.. Good luck..set a good example for the rest of us.

  53. Darrel says:

    I am not a fan of lawsuits, but in this case sue the school district for idiocy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. herecomestrouble says:

    And they protect the bully. Great. Just great!

  55. starzzguitar says:

    The bully should be transfered. Not the other way around.

  56. Dean says:

    Only a liberal school with liberal teachers and administrators in a liberal state would call self defense, sexual harassment. That whole state should burn. Liberals have absolutely zero brains and no common sense.

  57. SuperDave says:

    The Bolsheviks are gaining ground in the neutering of our males and the stifling of good people’s ability to defend themselves. They can’t fool the public but they run the public schools so they are working on indoctrinating the next generation against any defensive instinct. Only the adults (read government) has a right to defend you; you must not resort to violence against aggressors or you are no better than them. Our enemies have no such illusions, they will gladly kill you and eat over your rotting corpse as they celebrate; liberals and conservatives alike.

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      You wrote:
      “they will gladly kill you and eat over your rotting corpse as they celebrate; liberals and conservatives alike.”

      Bolsheviks were the opposite of small government conservatives. What are you talking about? There core value is”
      “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen.”
      Dennis Prager.
      So by definition they want less power and and a smaller centralized State. (Just as, by definition, leftists want more power since they *always* consider growing the size of government as a solution rather than the problem.

  58. Mathias Ice says:

    I had posted readily available contact info of the school and principal, but this lovely publication decided not to post it. I wonder who is sleeping with whom?

  59. bob Smith says:

    I think the bully was a black kid and like the rest of their tribe, others were surely waiting to harm him. Good for you little boy and be sure to punch one if they call you “white boy”. They don’t let you call them “black boy” or ni22er so they have no right to call you honkey or cracker.

  60. AZVick says:

    Get rid of the bully, not the good child. And sue for printing that boy’s picture.

  61. Steven says:

    Privatize the school system. FIRE all the teachers.

  62. abbey says:

    Insane. No wonder this country is circling the drain. But MA is a DEMOCRAT state. What can you expect? Unload Patrick!!!

  63. nivram says:

    Charging a first grader with sexual harassment is the ultimate in stupidity. The people running the public schools today are completely out of touch and blinded by liberal political correctness.

  64. Jackie Hammer says:

    Just look at the mug shot of that young hoodlum, a dangerous sex offender if there ever was one! Don’t we all feel so much safer now thanks to the Tynan Elementary School officials we can all sleep soundly tonight, Contact them, give them a call and tell them how much you appreciate their dedication, call principal Eileen Morales phone number is on their official website:

  65. emom says:

    Control and discipline of the wrong kind. The bad always get away with their crimes. This is nothing new. This bully is being groomed to be like his parents and family, A THUG.

  66. Enough says:

    I really hope that at ALL the upcoming elections, everyone remembers this Liberal travesty and votes the other way!

  67. Frog Prince says:

    “specific student disciplinary matter.”


    If you truly care that much about children why not get rid of the BULLY?


  68. Locke says:

    I would sue the bully’s family and school for assault, harassment, libel, slander and child abuse/endangerment.

  69. Kevin Paradise says:

    This is the Pussification of our society. We are breeding a generation of spineless wimpy kids that sit in front of video games & eat a diet of microwave junk. Their brains & their bodies are soft.

  70. Corby says:

    Until parents, teachers, bullies, the bullied and by-standers come together to wipe out bullying it will remain in our schools and playgrounds. Tynan Elementary School should have used this to reinforce/teach an anti-bullying policy. Instead they said “let’s move the kid out and avoid the real issue… bullying”. The problem started with the bully tormenting this 7 year old until he reached his boiling point and decided to defended himself. Moving the child to another school is a band-aid and avoidsthe real issue. The bully and the 7 year old should have worked this out with the help of their parents and the school. Until we as a society can define what bullying really is and when it actually takes place, many bullies will eventually get away with murder (and already have).

  71. rolo says:

    The left is going to far with all this political correctness. If a child is bullied and someone stands up for themselves, the abused get in trouble. We are heading into a socialized society like they did in Germany under Hitler. And all of Europe is socialized gov. also. Adolf Hitler kept calling for CHANGE, sound familiar, and thats what they got and it wasnt over night. What this child is charged with is this CHANGE thats happening in America. This change is silencing us, just like the moderator of this will probably delete this comment. I’m forty maybe I’ll die before they destory America all the way.

  72. Jude says:

    I know Boston is full of Irish Catholics, but that doesn’t mean the schools have to use the Catholic Church Method of Problem Solving, does it?

    1. Japes Macfarland says:

      It is more an issue of left and right value system, or views of the world. There are Leftists in the Catholic church as well as more traditional American values, small government conservatives. It would be the leftists that in the church that would have done or supported this, not the conservatives; thus my point.

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