7-Year-Old Accused Of Possible Sexual Harassment For Kicking Boy In Groin

BOSTON (CBS) – A 7-year-old boy is being investigated by his South Boston elementary school for possible sexual harassment after kicking another boy in the crotch.

UPDATE: Boy To Be Transferred To New School

The first grader’s mother, Tasha Lynch, says she was shocked by the school’s decision.

“He’s 7 years old. He doesn’t know anything about sexual harassment,” she said.

Lynch’s son, Mark Curran, said the boy that he kicked had been bullying him on the school bus ride home from Tynan Elementary last week.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

“He just all of a sudden came up to him, choked him. He wanted to take his gloves, and my son said, ‘I couldn’t breathe, so I kicked him in the testicles,'” said his mother.

Lynch described a phone call she received from the school explaining that the case will be treated like sexual harassment, due to what it considers inappropriate touching.

“‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,'” Lynch said the school told her.

She said she’s been asked to attend a disciplinary hearing at the school Monday.

A Boston Public Schools spokesperson said officials are investigating, but won’t comment further, since it’s a private matter.

Lynch wants an apology and better supervision on the school bus to prevent such fights among students.

“He couldn’t breathe. He was trying to defend himself,” she said. “I don’t find that sexual harassment. I find that defending himself.”

  • NikW

    Sexual Harrassment? Really? Why not go after the bully!

    • gramps

      Using the rational being ‘spewed’ by these ‘PC’ over educated school bureaucrats…..

      Had the young ‘lad’ hit his attacker with his ‘Tonka Truck’….

      He’d be charged with ‘Driving to Endanger’!


      Who hired & then promoted these ‘MORONS’!

      Our school ‘Tax Dollars’ @ work.

      • gramps

        If found guilty, he’ll have to register as a ‘Sex Offender’ & if he currently lives too close to a school or a playground….

        He & his family will have to move to ‘Dover’, ‘Swellsley’ or ‘Deluxbury’..2 acre zoning…


      • Ronald Dimmer

        You are thinking That these administrators have intellegence, Their actions indicate something else. You can’t teach ,or reason, or argue with government employees.. I don’t know what a person can do. RJD

      • Tax Revolt

        IDK. If he hit him with a tonka truck wouldn’t it be vehicular assault.

    • Dee

      Exactly!! Go after the bully, not the victim. Since when does a 7 year old know anything about sexual harassment? He was defending himself.

    • SJ

      If the school views kicking in the groin sexual harassment, then they should charge the bully with attempted murder for choking the kid. Get real folks! this is a grammar school fight and nothing more take your collective heads out of your butts.

      • Joe Lovell

        SJ, I think you meant “Take your COLLECTIVIST heads out…”

      • klg1956

        This is a child defending himself and that is against the school rules of zero tolerance…..which teaches the student not to stick up for themselves because if they do they get punished even more than the bully. It’s a subset rules of engagement to train the student not to defend themselves and then later in life, not to defend their country. And we can even go one step further, will you even stand up for your spouse or your child later down the road? Defending yourself is rooted and ingrained in one’s nature as deeply as if implanted by heredity and the “schools” are indoctrinating it out of our children. Why?

      • Stephanie

        100% agree with you SJ. I really hope this childs parents do just that….

      • Jessica Ulanowski

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CH74IsEEUc this has some language. This was a month before the school slamming incident.

        http://www.fox23.com/news/local/story/Parents-take-bullying-matter-into-their-own-hands/TsLfADt4aEuUVB7LT-3Qkw.cspx This is the story our local news ran on the bullying story. It does not say this, but was not a fight. I was slammed into the wall basically for not allowing her son to bully mine.

        Then 1 day before she is to go to court for the assault on me she does this.

        And I am still banned, even though she is in jail, kids are no longer even in the same state as us and we are cool with the husband.

      • Jessica Ulanowski

        David I agree, my son was being bullied and when I spoke up the school did not like it and neither did the mother of the bully. The mother of the bully actually slammed me into a wall at the school and they banned us both for 6 months. Mine is now 3 months. We are trying to get it removed completly. The principal says that should be no problem but I still can’t volunteer until Jan. after the Christmas break. Even though I have done this for nearly 8 years and the father of the bully child even told my husband he knows now that his wife and kids were lying to him the whole time this was going on.

      • Stan

        Darn good point SJ. If I were a member of this community I certainly would call for an investigation into the competency of the school officials involved. Their response to this incident is totally unreasonable for someone who’s job is to educate our children, and I don’t understand how any group of parents would tolerate them.

      • demsvoteblindly

        Remove the progressives and liberals from the schools and you will see most of this go away if not all of it…

        I will add it again just so you have another one you have to “moderate” What’s the matter, the liberals running this site upset with truth?

      • demsvoteblindly

        Remove the progressives and liberals from the schools and you will see most of this go away if not all of it…

        Remove this comment too, I will keep posting. There was nothing inappropriate in this message so keep trying to prevent my 1st amendment right and I will keep reposting it. ;)

      • demsvoteblindly

        Good luck Jessica!!! It’s too bad they have the dumb and unable running the schools. Is it really any surprise they put out the product they do? Look at the OWS to see what they have been able to achieve….

        I hope this gets cleared up and the right people get punished and you have an apology coming from the school, along with some losing their jobs.

      • LTCB

        That’s the truth. In any NORMAL environment, it would be a minimum of aggravated assault or attempted murder. Kick the bully again, just in the face next time. Is it sexual harassment if you kick him in the mouth and knock out his teeth?

      • David

        Actually SJ your pretty close, had a similar thing happen to one of my kids. I pressed felony charges against the aggressor, Interference with an educational institution. I took it out of the schools hands, made them call the school resource officer. The cop had no choice. The other kid 13 years old was handcuffed and taken to jail. Its legal to defend yourself and the school can’t make rules saying its not. My youngest is now going to that school, they told her she couldnt defend herself, when she was bullied, She laughed and reminded them what I did years before. They didn’t do a thing to her, In fact last week they were afraid to give her detention for something she did do(I made her go to detention) Libs are good at talking big, but run when you stand up to them.

      • Jess

        that is a great point. reading things like this make me either not want to have kids or deal with the ‘social awkwardness’ of having them home schooled.

    • Tex

      Seems to me a school bureaucrat is also a bully here, and needs a good kick in the groin to bring him back to reality.

      • Linebacker

        Sue the mother of the other bully for incompetent child raising

      • Turban

        There are two classes of people who think they’re above the law, criminals and bureaucrats. The criminal takes what you have. The bureaucrat takes what you have and then demands that you thank him for it.

      • UpChuck.Liberals

        I was thinking a round stick thing to the side of the crainum, knock some sense into them. Remember, when attacked you MAY NOT defend yourself. It’ll ruin the attackers self-esteem. Oh I HATE LIBERALS.

      • Padre of Lakeland

        This kind of thing is not new. In ’94 my partner and I were called into the principles office at the elementary school my son was in. [I was in a divorce action at the time and living with a friend.] The principle informed me that my son was fighting and/or causing trouble during recess. These activities centered around a bully (not my son) who was bullying him and other students. Her problem was that Michael would defend himself and others against Joseph (a child in his third year of kindergarten, yes, set back twice.) I demanded she bring in his teacher who stated, 1. Michael was not a problem in class or the playground, and 2. Joseph was a known bully who picked on smaller kids.
        I then informed Principal Politically correct that a. if my son was harmed by her PERSONAL policy I would sue her personally as well as the school and, b. my son was allowed to defend himself against anyone who attempted to hurt or bully him.
        That ended it. I will add that this was a small town school where most everyone knew who was what and why.

    • disallussioned father

      Awesome. My daughter was relenmtleesy bullied by a boy in the 4th grade. She went to the principle and asked her to do something. She told her to handle it herself like a big girl. She went back to the playground, the boy delivered a barrage of names so she kicked at him but missed. The principal witnessed it and she was summarily expelled from school for three days for an “Act of violence!” 4th grader kicking at a boy twice her size. Maybe the teachers need to go back to school at their own expense and just learn how to focus on teaching.

      • Ronald J Dimmer

        Parants have got to fight back .. rjd

      • pete

        HAHA that IS an act of violence you moron. Totally different from this situation which is self-defense. In your daughter’s case she was trying to physically harm a guy that didn’t even touch her and was only calling her names!

        Additionally the title of your post says a lot about your intelligence!

    • uh oh

      you have got to be $%^%$*&^ me. When will you idiots wake up and stop trying to apply adult crimes to children. If he was being choked i would have to say that qualifies as self defense.

    • Ste1

      This is just more of the same stuff that is going on daily, its freaking amazing


    • JJohnson Blackbelt Tae-Kwon-Do

      This goes to show that if parents do not teach the child better, someone else will when they act out. We still have the right to defend ourselves in this country. Good job son.

      • Scott

        My 9 year old son had the same thing happen to him. fortunately, he’s a green belt in Shotokan Karate, so when he hit back, it knocked out the 2 front teeth of the bully !!!

  • emom

    ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME…. WHAT SEXUAL HARRASSMENT… this poor kid was being choked by the punk and his gloves where stolen. He did what he had to do to protect himself, By any chance is this poor kid taking karate or some martial arts,, if so He was in his rights to defend himself..
    My kid takes karate and if my kid was being assaulted they are taught to defend themselves and well if their groin is open KICK IT. Hell if a women is being assaulted we are told to KICK THE HELL OUT OF THE DANGLING THINGS.
    Sexual assault I so hope the mother gets a lawyer,, this is one for the books. REALLY THAT OTHER MOTHER Needs a reality check

    • Jp

      Fire all school admins. End of problem.

      • george

        They’ll just be replaced with idiots who are just as bad.

    • Jeff

      I would sue them and make sure that wench the mother spoke to was fired! Where was there staff to protect my child who was being assaulted on their property? That makes them liable! Perhaps they would like an investigation into why kids are being forced to defend themselves and why stupid POS’s behind desks think they can call shots well out of their decision making jurisdiction! What arrogance! Get this kind of trash out of education!

    • Jim Dea

      ‘Your son kicked a little boy in the testicles. We call that sexual harassment,’” Lynch said the school told her.” Lynch is a freak and should learn some common sense. I am at the point that I just want to SCREAM at the injustice and confusion about what real justice is. No more common sense, that went out the window. My dad TAUGHT me that if I was getting picked on by a kid bigger than me and he was really bothering me and wouldn’t let me go, Kick him in the groin! Good advice and kid, you did the right thing. Never mind these jack asses who couldn’t count their own gonads and come up with the same number twice.

    • nuke boston

      Boston – enough said. Didn’t they support Ted Kennedy (a murderer) for like 40 years and Barney Frank for over 20 years?

    • John Ware

      For more insanity, keep voting progressive….

    • american

      SUE THE HELL OUT OF THAT SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the kid was in the right, sue them, and do not let up. If you let a liberal up after getting them down, they will stick a knife in your back as soon as you turn. Sue to completion. Sue including requiring firing everyone involved in the bad decision, and suggest their pension benefits be stripped.

      • american

        If that SOB school district is not going to let anyone have vouchers, then clean their coffers out everytime they make a decision like this.

    • Rocky

      If that was sexual harrassment then the bully is guilty of attempted murder so why arn’t they investigating that?

      • TexaSooner

        Hope Mom sues district for failing to protect her son on the bus.

      • Vicki Mowod

        Seems about as reasonable.

      • Brent Caldwell

        Bingo! Is this what Boston has come to? Where’s the Zero Tolerance on choking people? We’re losing control of our society, and this is another example. Not that long ago, the kicking kid would have been a hero, and still is to those of us that live in the real world. Nice job, kid, don’t ever be afraid to stand up to tyrants.

      • IrateNate


      • Henry Bowman

        Boston bureaucrats are f*g idiots.

        Whoops, it’s probably sexual harassment for me to say that.

        Well, come and get me.

      • Bilford Rielly

        They should, also, investigate the school authorities for hazzardoust terminal stupidity.

        Lib/Commies at thier very best!

      • LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV

        If kicking him in the groin was sexual harassment, would kicking him in the butt be rape? Stupid liberals.

      • Don

        Another case of Jerk heads with so called power showing off because of their selfish egos run amok. Boston City Schools need to go to therapy or a reality show to get educated. They apparently don’t have a clue what sexual harrassmnent is in the first place. What DORKS.

      • SuzanneL

        Right on, Rocky. I think the mother should take it a step farther, and sidestep the school entirely, and file a police report for the attempted murder of her son.

      • Christine Ball Rinehart

        Amen Rocky!

      • Jim Dea

        In this day and age we have the socialist lunatics running our gov’t we can expect to see this. So, self defense becomes se xual harassment does that mean se xual harassment is self defense? I bet justice Kagen thinks so. We are gone folks. Pack your bags. It’s time to leave the loony bin before they eat our livers with Chianti and Fave beans!

      • RTE

        Spot on. We are dealing with leftist PIGS here. Hope the bully is sterile now.

      • Ar Amytas

        Gosh, the “authorities are a-holes! That kid did the proper thing, kicking the bully.

      • Mark Matis

        The bully is probably the kid of a “Law Enforcement” officer, or is a Preferred Species. This country has become Animal Farm. Everyone is equal. But some are MORE equal than others.

        The stench is overwhelming.

      • Ed Johns

        Ar Amytas—–Very poignant comment. I believe you are on to something.

      • Ed Johns

        Mark Matis—————You are spot on also. The endangered specie was probably the bully if you get my inference.

      • Inigo Montoya

        You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. [poignant, inference]

        Blow up the image and you’ll see that the seven-year-old was accused of violating the Code of Conduct for “sexually related physical contact.” There must not be anything in the Code about choking and robbing someone.

        Incidentally, we don’t know that the bully’s parents — the right word, I’d say — didn’t get a similar letter — _if_ what he’s accused of doing violates the Code of Conduct.

      • N8 Straight

        ROCKY, I could not agree MORE!!! Throw the punk-a** in the slam and convict him of attempted murder and theft!

      • jobo

        Rocky! You have your thinking cap on!! Great comment.

      • jean



        This is what you get when your kids are turned over to the care of LEFTISTS, with advanced degrees in STUPIDITY, from http://www.Indoctrinate-U.com

      • gil day

        the bully will be left alone because this is the slave training going on in schools. submit to opression or else!

      • Dean Fivex

        Spot on! We’re becoming a nation of weenies where mindless dogma and political correctness replaces common sense. Doomed and damned if we continue this slide to ruination.

      • Jared Larson

        If I was this kid’s mom and came face to face with that school bureaucrat that charged her kid, I’d engage in a little “sexual harassment” of my own.

      • bj

        this is not sexual harrasssment, maybe the bully deserve it. What does it take to stop their bully if parents or teachers dont step in.

      • Smack Dab

        Good one! And you are right! So I hope she brings that up at the meeting…

      • CB

        @Mark Matis – You’re an idiot! As a police officer, my son was continuoulsy bullied. When I told him to fight back, his response was “I don’t want to get in trouble”. The bully was probably from a family with the twisted mentality of an imbecile, basically equal to yours!

      • NRGXMSN

        I agree with Rocky, and the school should be investigated to see if anyone with a brain is in charge there because it appears the ones there now are complete idiots.

      • bumpkin

        excellent point. Perhaps administration are all gay at that school and want to turn the near-dead boy into their little example of why you should submit to their way of thinking and behavior. It is the only logical excuse for their frenzy of ridiculous hate that I can imagine. They KNOW the bully was choking him and he couldn’t breathe. That seems alright with them…so it must be about what the bully was trying to achieve, and why else make him a sexual example? BTW, when you can no longer BREATHE, you are near-dead. I’m imagining someone going there and kicking the school officials in like manner! Stupid people abound.

      • Mark Matis

        Of course you’re right, CB. After all, “Law Enforcement” NEVER lie to Mere Citizens…


        STATEMENT: “When I served in Vietnam, I was kicked in the nuts on occasion, by my own troops. For this, I received a Purple Heart. It is displayed at http://www.liveshot.cc

      • gil44

        Rocky – Great point, but I’m afraid the idiots will miss it and think that your proposed attempted murder charges are a great idea.

      • gramps

        Tynan Elementary School
        Eileen Morales
        650 E. Fourth Street
        South Boston, MA02127


        Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools


      • DougI

        and maybe the mother should file suit against the school for allowing child abuse? The best defense is a rousing offense.

      • Canof Sand

        @Mark Matis You anti-police punks are scum. There are the rare bad apples (much rarer than your tiny mind full of lies and exaggerated anecdotes would admit, since you’re a self-blinding useful idiot) but anyone who twists that into blank accusations and characterizations like you do is an evil piece of filth. You and yours are the problem, not the cops.

    • reggie patrick

      i agree!!! Only from the warpped minds of the learned leftist progressive liberals could defending oneself be twisted into sexual harrassment. Common sense is being harrassed bt the loony left.

      • REALAmerican

        oh shut up.

      • Anon

        RealAmerican is clearly a communist. Reggie, you’re correct. This is SO a liberal thing. Only they would turn something like this into sexual harassment. They’re always thinking with the wrong head. Same people who don’t want to censor p0rn in the school computers.

      • SilentMajority

        Give me a break. I’m a liberal and totally support this kid. Who said being a liberal didn’t mean defending yourself?

      • MarcM

        The ones voting to take away my second ammendment rights did.

      • Burl

        If you’re a liberal then first of all you’re not the “silent majority” and second of all you are expressly supportive of the mindset and political hackery that not only enables this kind of deliberate, calculated up-is-down subversion, but actually promotes it. Liberalism promotes this way of thinking.

        You as a self-avowed “liberal” are either one of the “well intentioned” brainwashed or are knowingly pushing a duplicitous and backwards “bad is good two-and-two makes five” utterly corrupt “movement.”

        Liberals even try to call themselves “progressive” — and they use other similar semantics — in an example of calculated mockery of forthright language, a mockery that approaches being diabolical.

        It’s worse than insanity; it’s a sin. It’s a very real, very active form of evil. You don’t have to be a genius to see the erosive effects of “political correctness” and leftist-totalitarianism on our government and on the very soul of our society.

      • Stan

        Because liberals are spineless, ignorant weasels. And only a degenerate liberal would even think of pressing sexual harassment.

      • TheRealKingMax

        The school did….

      • Barney Fwank

        Absolutely Reggie. Anytime one of these stories pops up it is inevitably in a bastion of liberalism, i.e. Boston in this case.

        What’s pathetic is that the school will probably have its way here since it did happen in Boston, and thus people won’t be all that outraged since they frown on self-defense (unless you are black and your attackers are white).

      • Slippy

        100:1 says the bully is a minority and the hero-kid is white.

      • Andy McCarhy

        Redge, it is the ridiculous right that is afraid of gay people, not the left. Leftist liberals are too smart not to see through what this psycho bully was trying to do. He was trying to make himself look like a victim so he played the gay card. It was the nut job right-leaning school officials who agreed with the kid, that he was being touched inappropriately by a gay kid. Reggie, don’t be fooled by the right. They are playing you.

      • Doug Ruggerie

        Andy are you really trying to parade out that the Boston School District is comprised on conservatives. You might want to check your kitchen for a gas leak. Nobody on the right is “afraid” of gay people. Not condoning or agreeing with something doesn’t mean that you are afraid. Well placed use of the liberal talking points to try to distort the original message. This issue also has absolutely nothing at all to do with sexuality. We are talking about 7 year olds. Only liberals would associate 7 year olds with sexuality. Disgusting and misleading, as are your comments!

      • Andy McCarthy

        Doug, you’re right, I shouldn’t have said that anyone was afraid of gay people. No one’s afraid of gay people. We are harmless. There are plenty of people who disdain gay people, look down on them, pick on them, discriminate against them, disrespect them, etc.

        I didn’t bring sexuality into this discourse–it was the bully and the bully’s parents and the school administrators. Have a nice day, you jerk.

      • Al Dente

        Why don’t I see anything reported about “gays” being involved. That doesn’t come up until the comments.

      • TxSon

        Andy, come back to the light! You have been completely and utterly fooled by the progressive left. The right does NOT fear nor hate gays, that is just the far fringe not jobs that you want to apply to all conservatives. Wake up. You can’t find a single instance of a main stream conservative hating on gays unless you insist on twisting a resistance to giving them preferential treatment as “hate”.

      • Andy McCarthy

        Tex, what do you mean by preferential treatment? As far as I can tell gay people don’t get preferential treatment, we get knocked around and then accused of sexual assault like this kid on the bus. The only Republican candidate who has a respectful view of gay people is Hunstman.

      • Andy McCarthy

        What do you mean by preferential treatment? As far as I can tell gay people don’t get preferential treatment, we get knocked around and then accused of sexual assault like this kid on the bus.

      • jobo

        Why do we think liberals are involved??? Uh….gun control, shut down Gitmo, civil trials for terrorists, whiners, sue others if they so much as dare to say “Merry Christmas”, NOW, etc. Liberals are usually (always) on the side of insanity.

      • Buzz

        Andy, what sort of gay people you hang out with who equate touching with getting kicked in the balls. Or are you making that up? I don’t know why anyone would think someone in education, in Boston might be liberal. Where could they possibly get that idea?

      • Andy McCarthy

        Buzz, let me break it down for you: The bully doubtlessly teased the other kid about being gay. When the smaller kid kicked the bigger kid, he went to the principal saying that the kid he perceived as gay was molesting him, and the “conservative” principal bought his argument.

      • Andy McCarhy

        Buzz, it’s the bullying Republicans and Teapartiers who equate a swift kick in the ____ with sexual touch, not gay people. That’s why I think that Boston admins are in league with Republicans, that they’d entertain such an idea.

      • John Moser

        Andy, there was no “gay card”(that’s the thing you keep in YOUR wallet). Leftist “liberals” aren’t smart and they in fact ARE the bullies. How stupid does a person have to be to think there are conservative school drones in Boston? Andy McCarhy stupid, that’s how stupid. Learn how to spell your own name.

      • Andy McCarthy

        My gay card? I’m stupid? Your post makes you sound like a bully.

      • JamesAZ

        REALAmerican – Ha – REALA-Hole

      • JON ADAMS

        Continue on, you didn’t see anything, everything is fine…YES! eat that piece of propaganda…it’s tasty…continue on.

        FASCIST %^$*

      • carlos

        Yes and Mitt Romney will need 8 years to undo the damage Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and Dodd have done.

      • CDW

        Yes, to really make an incredible, humonguous mess of the U.S.economy and U.S. culture will take more time. What an interesting, corrupt Obama presidency.

        Gibson Guitar
        Mike and Chantell Sackett

        *** NObama 2012 ***

      • truth detector


      • Wake Up Now

        Unfortunately, folks, this is what the liberal progressives have implemented upon our society.

        While the communists we have placed into public offices tear down the United States bit by bit, the socialist progressives that have infiltrated our mass media, OUR unions, our schools and colleges, and into our courts slowly shred and tear down our society and legal system.

        You see, as far as the schools are concerned, they are busy programming AND indoctrinating our children into good little communist drones, AND HAVE BEEN DOING SO FOR AT LEAST THE PAST 40 YEARS. Defending yourself is not allowed, so they punish this behavior with absurd decisions like this one.

        But step back, clear your mind from this specific incident, and consider the BIG picture as I have just presented it above:

        This is what the liberal progressives, the human cancer of our country, are doing to us on a long range, continuous basis. Their goal: destruction of the United States in country, governance, society, beliefs, morals, pride, religion and soul.

        And they are making BIG gains, and are winning.

        So, as sad as this specific incident with this little boy may be, it’s just an indicator of how close we are as Americans to the Point of No Return. These communist scumbags know EXACTLY what they are doing, they are doing this as a planned, deliberate and intention effort, and know what is the goal.

        Making the U.S. a socialist/communist Shangri-La. Unfortunately, we would also be ripe for the picking by some other countries who are drooling to destroy the U.S.

        So, we have a choice: we can baaaa like sheep and whine, while generation after generation of children are programmed by the communists to replace us, and when we die, so does freedom, American spirit, and America itself.

        OR – we can identify whomever is specifically driving the idiotic decisions and rulings like this one, and go after them by all means necessary. We would merely be using the very same liberal progressive tactics that have besieged our country for the past two generations. However, liberal progressives are cowards, and can’t stand the light of exposure and truth. They will run like roaches.

        It’s our country to win or lose. What say you? What will YOU do?

        Had enough?

    • Ivan Yurkenov

      Dear emom, don’t you get it? In Boston, and other like-governed cities, where progressives rule, defending one’s self is violence. Self-defense is as morally indefensible as rape, to “progressives”. In fact, if a liberal or progressive commits rape, think Bill Clinton and Juanita Broderick, that is far more acceptable than an innocent seven year-old using physical, and I would add, virtuous violence to fend off a bully.

      The lesson here, is that “progressives” begin programming their dogma in children at a very early age so that when the children reach adult-hood they will be compliant subjects. Now you know.


    • Major Infidel

      Why are we surprised that our kids aren’t learning anything in school when we continue to employ the absolute dumbest American adults as our school administrators?

      • Sgt. Schultz

        The boy should be given a medal for standing up to a bully.

        It’s no wonder we have all these occutards taking to the streets, after being raised in these public schools by other occutards pretending to be “school administrators”, who are simply ‘occutards’ with a ‘job’.

      • Kingfish

        Obviously all the carpet baggers did’t leave the north, how can u expect a student to learn when the educators are more ignorant than the children.

      • phil

        ..work 2 jobs if you must. Get your child into a private school that would NEVER hire an “Educator” who could dream of such a charge for a 7 year old, defending himself from a bully. What parents don’t realize is…this charge will be in the students’ PERMANENT record….guilty or not. 7 year-olds have very limited rights. It is up to the parents to protect their children from the “progressive” left.

    • T-Texas

      Should have kicked him twice more

    • laws

      right on Rocky. This is so ridiculous but then again I am not surprised that this is coming from a school district which are breeding grounds for lack of common sense. Here you have school officials throughout the country that look the other way regarding bullying, when real sexual harassment takes place they may or may not do the right thing and when they decide on what they think is a politically correct course of action they couldn’t get it MORE WRONG. Trying to protect yourself as a youngster you are bound to even accidently hit an area of the body that could be a private area. What does this teach our kids? Girls dont fight off an attacker you could get hit with sexual assault charge, grade school boys dont fight back against bullying. Stupidity at its best again with school officials.

      • Kingfish

        He should have pulled a gun and shot the prick, end of that.

    • farmgirl1976

      I totally agree….we all know that schools are the heart of the “politically correct” crowd. Sure hope the family of the kid who was being bullied gets a ton of $$$!

    • Ghostsouls

      Anything to get their 15 minutes of fame, the more outrageous, the better. They all want to be in the lime light. I would get an attorney, and sue the school for failure to provide adequate protection for my son, which resulting in this incident. Seek damages of $250,000, and then they can just settle this out of court, that will shut them up.

    • Mike

      maybe they should charge the kid that was choking him with attempted murder. lol what is the world coming to!?!?!?!

      • JumpMaster

        Mike, I agree. To think this is the country the last three generations of my family have fought for.

    • gramps

      Who hired & then promoted these ‘MORONS’!

      Using the rational being ‘spewed’ by these ‘PC’ over educated school bureaucrats…..

      Had the young ‘lad’ hit his attacker with his ‘Tonka Truck’….

      He’d be charged with ‘Driving to Endanger’!


      Our school ‘Tax Dollars’ @ work.

      • gramps

        Tynan Elementary School

        Principal: Eileen Morales

        Phone: 617-635-8641

        Fax: 617-635-9758

        650 E. Fourth Street
        South Boston, MA02127


      • gramps

        Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools


      • gramps

        Head of the ‘Boston Public Schools’….

      • Bihlmann

        These “morons” in charge of indoctrination in our schools are simply products of a university system controlled for at least a half century by radical leftists. This is why their knee-jerk reaction is to oppose individual rights and responsibilities. Those who move up to adminsitrative positions are commonly bootlicking-brown-nosing-flattering flunkies who’ve learned to mouth meaningless platitudes.
        Those who promote them are intimidated by anyone they think may be smarter than they; consequently the stupidest syncophants eventually end up in charge. These Boston blockheads are in keeping with this practice.

      • Kingfish

        That would be the dumb ass voters, who would ever want to live under these conditions, looks like Classy Detroit.

    • Trisha

      See email address and tele number below! Let’s contact the school… Call or email to support this 7 year-old, his family and point to the absurdity of this accusation!!!

      Main Switchboard: 617-635-9000

    • TheRealKingMax

      Unfortunately, folks, this is what the liberal progressives have implemented upon our society.

      While the communists we have placed into public offices tear down the United States bit by bit, the socialist progressives that have infiltrated our mass media, unions, our schools and colleges, and into our courts slowly shred and tear down our society and legal system.

      You see, as far as the schools are concerned, they are busy programming indoctrinating our children into good little communist drones. Defending yourself is not allowed, so they punish this behavior with absurd decisions like this one.

      But step back, clear your mind from this specific incident, and consider the BIG picture as I have just presented it above:

      This is what the liberal progressives, the human cancer of our country, are doing to us on a long range, continuous basis. Their goal: destruction of the United States in country, governance, society, beliefs, pride, religion and soul.

      And they are making BIG gains, and are winning.

      So, as sad as this specific incident with this little boy may be, its an indicator of how close we are to the Point of No Return.

      We have a choice: we can baaaa like sheep and whibe, while generation after generation of children are programmed by the communists, and when we die, so does freedom and the American spirit.

      OE – we can identify whomever is specifically driving the idiotic decisions and rulings like this one, and go after them by all means necessary. They are cowards, and can’t stand the light of exposure and truth.

      Don’t lose sight of the SOURCE of the problem. It’s our country to win or lose. What say you?

      • TheRealKingMax


        I gotta be honest – had to jump out to YouTube and get a quick refresher on him.

        I remember reading about Yuri. He was telling us how we were going to be destroyed from within, that it was a long term plan being executed by the Soviets. Too bad so few listened.

        It’s ironic that after the Cold War ended, no one told the “Fifth Column” in this country, and now they’ve pushed us closer towards extinction than we’ve been since the War of 1812, or possibly the Civil War.

        What’s even MORE ironic is that so many of the “useful idiots” in this country are fighting to destroy their own home… and that they are so devoid of independent and critical thinking that they don’t realize that we will ALL go down the crapper if this country goes down.

        Sorta like malignant cancer – it destroys the human host’s critical organs to the point that the host (body) dies… and EVERYONE dies, icluding the cancer.

        Hence, that is why I call liberal progressives the “cancer of America”. It’s more than an analogy, folks, it could well be our fate if we don’t immediately treat these walking scumbags for what they are – our enemies.

        Think about it.

      • Otto Zeit

        I agree — there’s nothing worse than a bunch of whibeing sheep

      • Kingfish

        Buy union, support ignorance!

      • George Renfro

        Real King, you are right. We are on the way down, fast. We see all these crazy stories and they cause us distress, but one day soon it will be you or me they get.

      • Martin

        Have you heard of Yuri Bezmenov KingMax?


      Good thing http://www.fatboy.cc is not alive to read that.

    • gramp's

      FYI: Info links

      Tynan Elementary School
      Eileen Morales
      650 E. Fourth Street
      South Boston, MA02127


      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools


    • amtr

      Yes, Boston is run by crazy people.

    • joej

      don’t get too excited. the media generally fails to give us the FULL story, they give us only enough to get an emotional rise out of you.

    • Bruce Frykman

      Had the victim been a girl, what would the school have done?

      We can answer this: these schools are so full of PC they cannot comprehend how foolish they sound

      The girl would have been congratulated and rightly so; when confront with an attack by someone with superior strength you look for their vulnerability

    • JayKay

      So how about we charge the other kid with assault and theft. This country is ridiculous. It’s not OK to stand up for yourself and when you do it’s your fault. This country is being wussified from the inside out.

    • Kingfish

      I have $100 saying these inbreeds are union, and inbedded with the POS Odumbo.

    • Mannie

      On a different site, a woman reported that her daughter’s school Nazis told her that , if her daughter used violence to defend herself against a sexual assault, she would be expelled. No Joking!

      I’m teaching my grand kids lethal defense techniques. If they can get expelled for defending themselves, they might as well kill the perp.

      This is very close to the end state of Liberalism. Everything that is not mandatory is illegal.

    • Tom Paine

      He was charged with sexual harassment because you can’t yet charge someone with treason for solving their own problems instead of running to the government.

    • toehead

      Excellent comment !!!

    • CHRIS


    • Dr. Max

      Children are 17 times more likely to be attacked, molested and abused in state custody. Let’s start looking into everyone involved in the Boston school system and especially the people in this particular case. Sounds like a case of transference.


    • lestat

      this is what happens when liberals rule our schools.

    • Pilot.Dave

      Sorry, it too me a while to get back up off the floor where I was rolling around laughing uncontrollably. – have not done that in a few decades.

      This is what happens when the BIG school districts get $7,000 or more per kid. They start paying their “Administrators” well over $150,000.00 per year with the top being closer to a million that 100K. They get so big on themselves that they forget its about TEACHING KIDS !! Yeah, even though I strongly believe in TORT reform, this is certainly why we need some TORT laws.

      • Robert

        Another great Government School operated by over paid Union teachers and administrators. The only way this could be considered SEXUAL harrassment is if the boy who got kicked is homosexual and he went home crying to his Moms.

      • george

        You’re absolutely correct. The problem with education isn’t that there isn’t enough money. It’s that the money — way more than enough! — gets concentrated at the top. The administrators’ offices get fancy carpeting and air conditioning, while the classrooms get by with antiquated furniture and broken windows.

  • Italo

    It’s official, our society has now finally gone over the edge. Now I understand why and how the whole Salem Witch Trials things could have happened throughout this region some centuries back. What’s next–someone is assaulted and tries to fight or kick back, dislodges the assaulting individual’s false tooth or prosthetic arm, and the victim gets charged with vandalism or attempted theft!? I hope that the victim little boy’s family sues the school–including for defamation. Now here is a little kid who has his name publicized online, and associated with the subject matter in the article, at 7 years of age and for the rest of his life already. This is moronic. Time to get back to the days when two kids in a fight were sent to the principal’s office and told they were staying after school or missing recess for a couple of weeks. Give me a break.

    • Tired of Bullies

      I agree! Not only should the school and the teacher be sued, but the bully who choked this kid AND his mother and father should be sued! I was picked on by bullies in school too and they always seem to get away with it… then these bullies grow up and run for office.
      I say this was purely self defense and next time, kick the bullies balls a little harder!!

    • gramps

      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      Office Telephone: 617-635-9050
      Fax: 617-635-9059


      • gramps

        Tynan Elementary School

        Eileen Morales

        650 E. Fourth Street
        South Boston, MA02127

        Phone: 617-635-8641
        Fax: 617-635-9758


      • ByteRider

        Great! Finally, someone with a pair! Thanks, Gramps.

        Can we get personal and work email addresses too? Let’s make this a full frontal attack on their existance in cyberspace… stupidity deserves to be exposed!

        Gramps– what we still need:

        1. Picture of morales
        2. personal/business email
        3. Any links to personal sites, face book pages, etc.

        I’m going to make up a hate-this-bytch blog page and, being an expert at SEO, I’ll make sure the world knows about it.

      • Jim Vertein

        she will probably sue you for harassment, then come kick you in the groin

    • Rob_NC

      …wonder who the bully is….because this craziness can only be garnered by someone who has an influential family…..

    • Smarterthantheprincipal

      Hopefully they won’t attend the disciplinary hearing. I wouldn’t give these _holes any authority over my life or my kids.

    • Carol Czapik

      Why is it the bullies are allowed to get away with their bullying but the moment the other child defends him/herself then it becomes a problem. This is pathetic!

      • BARRY'S CT. SSN 042=68=4425

        Yeah, sort of like what the Media/democRATS do to conservatives on a regular basis. http://www.AttackWatch.net

  • Thomas Hood

    Sexual harassment? Why not sexual assault? Why not rape? For heaven’s sake, sometimes ITS NOT A CRIME!

  • tsal

    Joe – your post can be clean as a whistle and still not post –

    now let’s see if this posts – I haven’t been able to post all morning

  • bridget

    Give me a break? Really? What a JOKE!! He is 7–kids do this for God’s sake–The Boston schools need a slap!

    • G. W. B.

      they don’t believe in defending yourself. what about a bullying charge ?

    • purplecow

      Yes! Yes! Yes!
      These Idiots have a forum and we must take it away from them!!
      Idiots are, I hope in the minority?
      Sometimes I wonder with the President we have.

    • Mary

      Or at least slander as I doubt this attack by a child was anything but self-defense.

    • Fred Williams

      If we continue to let our children be “educated” by these kind of sick, warped, idiots we are in for big trouble, we will fail as a decent nation. We need to act now. Get your kids out of the public schools and send them to private school where you have some say so or home school if you have to!

    • Lawrence

      A lot of the teachers from around the Boston area, including the school administrators grew up eating led paint, which explains their level of understanding and decision making skills.

    • MP

      Or a kick in the nuts.

      • Bryan

        Absolutely… too bad they hung their nuts up on the tree of PC….

      • artemis133

        LOL. Good one.

    • Don


    • Ken

      GREAT idea!

    • emileelee

      BRILLIANT Nancy! Good idea, good point.

    • gramps

      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      Office Telephone: 617-635-9050
      Fax: 617-635-9059


    • Galinda

      Outstanding! Take it to these imbecilic idiots!

    • Barry Levy

      You don’t understand, bullying and attempted murder aren’t that serious when compared to a 7 year old boy kicking an attacker in the family jewels.

      But that is only in a land inhabited and ruled by the PC police.

    • Emily

      Really!!!!!! Is the other student being charged for aggravated assault?? Because if not he should be. The whole thing is stupid!! He’s 7!! Agreed the schools seriously need a slap.

    • DudeZXT

      and we really wonder why kids bring a knife or gun to school? Sounds like the kid feared for his life and the negligent school is lucky he didn’t do what CCDW license holders are told they can do, when in fear for their lives… Idiot liberal union members going after the victim instead of the perpetrator.

    • alnga

      I taught my boys that avoid the fight but if you have to end it quickly and surely. Good job son.

  • John A

    What is wrong with the fools who are posing as enlightened, intelligent, school administrators and officials. This has truly become a parallel universe. When will the citizens of Mass. finally decide that they have had enough of this nonsense? Disgraceful behavior by those who are in charge.

    • old white guy

      this is what you get when pc, liberal socialists are in charge. fire them all. if the courts say no to the firing fire them as well.

    • terryatrae

      This is the price we pay for the dumbing down of the school system in order to achieve ‘fairness’ as described by the Liberal Lefties.
      Being a bully is a ‘bad thing’ that is rewarded instead of corrected. Children are taught to put condoms on fruit, but punished if they ‘touch’ what the condoms go on or in…I have determined that the best and the brightest in the education field have LEFT the field and the students are being corralled by the bottom 50% of graduates.
      Our fools in charges are unable to teach the basics of education so they spend their days turning the children into institutional idiots…

    • dv

      It’s Marxachusetts. What did you expect?

      • Japes Macfarland

        The baby boomers are starting to die off. Hopefully there will be enough left of the country to save after they’re gone.

    • JWnTX

      Spike–what the hell are you talking about? I don’t like Rick Perry a lot, but that’s because of his trans-Texas corridor project–but other than a few bad policies that one can cherry pick from any politician, he hasn’t “damaged” Texas. What are you reading? DU or DK? He’s been benevolent to a fault compared to what Obama’s done to the country at large. AS for those of you who say that such things happen in Texas–I think the original poster was referring to the reaction of the school board–I don’t think he was inferring that fights never occur on Texas school buses.

    • Emily

      THis reply is to Gods, Guns, Texas:

      Regarding your boy — what a nightmare. So sorry to hear about your and your son’s ordeal. Girls want to play football with the boys and then they scream “he touched my butt!” when he grabs the flag? What if he HAD accidentally touched her butt — so what? (And I’m female but this is just madness.)

      I guess the entire wrestling team should be sued for sexual harrassment.

      Glad the nightmare ended. What a waste of time, money, and emotionally exhausting I’m sure.

    • Jeff Campbell

      No offense, but this even happens in Conservative areas also.
      My son was 6 years old and was playing Flag Football at School in Missouri and he grabbed a flag from a Girl that was playing that had her’s tucked in the back of her pants, when my Son took the flag she screamed he touched her Butt and it took over a year of going through Juvie and Court to clear his name after th girl admitted she lied and even though he cleared his name, he still lost over a year of his life being accused of being a pervert and hassled at School over it.

    • richard

      should have kicked the bully in the head too. Self defence!!!!!!!!!!grow a pair

    • God, Guns, Texas

      @blackHat – How does your NY Slimes story relate to any of this? I don’t see where anyone in authority is blaming the victim, anywhere in that story. Here is the story about victim blaming in the Cleveland, TX case: http://colorlines.com/archives/2011/03/cleveland_texas_gang_rape_horror.html

      To many of us, Liberalism does seem to be a mental disorder…and, it takes a liberal mindset to think that fighting back, to defend yourself, is wrong. And, the liberals in that school district are using the law out of context to try to punish this victim for defending himself.

      I, along with many others here, think the boy should be recognized and rewarded for defending himself. This is just one example of how liberals are destroying our schools and our society, and this is why bullying has increased so much in our schools, today.

      @Spike – Although Rick Perry isn’t my ideal Governor, I don’t see how he has caused our State “damage”, to the contrary, we are doing quite well, thank you! Tell us exactly what damage you think he has caused…

    • Right in KS

      Amazing, these boys would have solved this on their own. The bully forever cured of future bullying by, “a swift kick to the nuts” and the victim faces his future with the confidence that justice is done.

    • gramps


      Dr. Carol R. Johnson head Boston Public Schools

      Office Telephone: 617-635-9050
      Fax: 617-635-9059


      • Tom Menino

        Just another flunky riding the Affirmative Action wave and leaving damage in her wake.. …like our President.

    • Texanlike

      A little boy was stickin up for himself and they call that “sexual harassment”? Sounds like the teachers are sexual harassers.

      Take all of your kids out of the perverted schools!!

    • TLS

      Another example of being educated beyond one’s intelligence.

    • MisterJones

      Well pard,you need to check out Spring schools and Katy schools if you dont think this kind of illness happens here in The republic of Texas.Sad but true.

    • blackHat

      This has nothing to do with liberalism, Texas Drudge Troll. Please, go fight your sanctimonious crusade someplace else.

      And no, i don’t see this kind of mere absurdity occurring in Texas. As far as i’m concerned, Texas set the bar pretty high when it comes to blaming the victim: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/09/us/09assault.html

    • Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large

      Rick Perry is absurd, and the fact you people elected him considering all the damage he’s done to your state is absurd. Conservatives are just as bad as liberals. Political partries are ruining the country. Wise up TMF. Don’t be absurd!

  • emom

    We are being groomed to be like the stepford generation,, where we all comply and do just as they want. Were subliminal messages are played all day and we believe them .. No individuality of any kind. and any one can beat the tar out of you but you can not defend yourself.. what a world we live in.

  • Joe

    This is a perfect example of what I refer to as the social and political pendulum. It refers to any social, socioeconomic or political issue that 30 years ago was completely opposite than it is today.

    Some changes, such as race relations have been an obvious and necessary change for the better. However, other issues such as the environment have swung so far the other way they have created new and opposite problems. New problems are created when an issue passes the middle or plum point of a sitting pendulum to far in either direction. This story is a perfect example of what happens when the harassment pendulum swings to far the other way.

    If the story of what happened on the bus is true then what we have here is a kid defending himself from another kid trying to bully him and steal his gloves. In the course of defending himself, within the limited space of a school bus, a kid reacted to the situation and kicked the other kid in the cohones. Now its fine if they want to investigate what happened, who started it, who’s at fault and take appropriate disciplinary action for fighting at school. But this might be the most egregious, irresponsible and quite frankly the most ignorant decision made by intelligent people I have ever seen.

  • linda

    Why did they put the child’s name in the paper? He’s a minor. This is just the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    • Barney Fwank

      They must have had permission from the mother, otherwise they would not have done so.

      • george

        Get real!!!!

    • Jackie Greenwood

      He’s not female. Everyone knows that women and minorities are the most protected people in America.

      • Mr. L

        If this boy is white he’s done. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

      • Japes Macfarland

        Lol you brainwashed leftists are hilarious. BTW, woman are 60 to 40% over men in getting a college education these days. Silly leftist.

      • blackHat

        Why don’t you find yourself a fire and jump into it?

      • artemis133

        WOMEN?!? Certainly not WHITE women, bucko. I don’t know where you’re pulling your info from. Well, maybe I do…

    • Nathan S.

      This family needs to hire a lawyer and bring a civil suit against the boy who got kicked for bullying, the school for permitting it, and the school for punishing their boy for exercising his right to defend himself.

  • CMWalker

    Once again, a perfect example of the schools not taking bullying seriously. And I’ll tell you, I don’t condone these kinds of incidents, but I applaud this boy for doing what the schools failed to do: He fought back. I don’t know what it’s gonna take for the school boards to take bullying seriously, but it’s time for these frauds to to stop paying lip service to the communities, the parents, and most of all, our children, and stop the bullying.

  • Steve

    GREAT charge the victim with sexual harassment, What about charging the bully with attempted MURDER!!!!!

    • Joe P. Fritzbocker

      He wasn’t attempting to murder the other boy by choking him. He was simply expressing himself, which is protected by the First Amendment. The second boy should also be brought up on Federal charges by suppressing the first boy’s First Amendment Rights. What a wonderful country we live in!!

      • casusl observer

        No Joe,
        what should be done is to put both boys in a boxing ring, rules explained, and a referee present. Both boys should be allowed to express themselves until they get tired of it. All boys need to learn how to fight, how else do people think that they will ever be able to defend themselves and their families when they are grown up?
        The whole of the male population of this country is being systematically neutered by this PC BS that we are conveniently calling civilization.

      • Texas_Twister

        @casusl observer, I don’t like your rules must be observed. There is no such thing as a fair fight with honor. If you want them to learn to fight then it must be that the weaker needs to use whatever means necessary, including dropping someone with a well placed knee to the nuts.

    • Brian Macker


    • Cranios

      Absolutely. if the school pulled something like that on me, I’d be suing the school and the parents of the kid doing the choking.

    • Mary

      Agreed Steve. If the victim is going to be charged with a sex crime then the perpetrator should be charged with attempted murder.

      • Ted Huss

        Choking can be a form of sexual gratification, so the Bully was probably guilty of not only attempted murder, but a sex crime too….Neither of these kids is as guilty of anything as school officials are of PC lunacy and attempted mind control. The school officials must be shooting to be the Poster Child for Pink Floyd’s “Brick in the Wall”>

    • Locke

      That is what I was thinking too, Steve.
      I would also sue the school personel personally for being an accessory after the fact, child endangerment and slander/libel.

  • emom

    WHAT a bunch of idiots in boston, to charge a 7 year old, I so hope the mother of this child sues the school system they were so wrong

  • P

    Morons educating our children

    • jag

      I am a public school teacher and I agree with you!

      • lukuj

        I was a public school teacher and I agree also. The problem is that teachers are often forced to be imbeciles to keep their jobs or to ensure a good evaluation. Teachers have to be willing to take flak to do what makes sense. Sad, isn’t it?

  • Charles

    How dare you put the child’s picture on Television… that is an outrage! Have we all lost our minds? Let the media concentrate on the real vilians of the world!

    • Tom Menino

      That would mean they have to talk about Obama and his crimes. It’s easier to cover school bus shenanigans. Besdies, the media hasn’t done any real reporting since the late 1990’s.

  • Joan Hogan

    All School Buses Should be Mandated to have Bus Monitors . This will assure the safety of the students and The Driver.

    • freecheese

      Bus moitors? I had a part-time job driving a school bus for two years. If a violent fight broke up on a bus, all a monitor and driver could do was pull over on the side of the road — notify the dispatcher, and ask for police assistance. Then sit back and watch the fight — because drivers and monitors are not allowed to thouch the children — out of fear of being charged with assault.The loving and caring parents of thes darling little angles can sue the drivers for everything they are worth, and they DO try to do so, often, when it does happen !
      The same applies for security guards, unless they are off duty cops on paid detail.

      • T-Texas

        When I went to school the drivers could and would paddle your backside.If that didn’t work he then took you by the hand for a visit to your parents.Small town justice.

      • Richard

        Is the little creep perp still riding the bus?

  • http://www.fastnews.tv/?p=122408 7-Year-Old Boy Charged with Sexual Harassment for Kicking Bully in Groin... | Breaking News

    […] (Second column, 11th story, link) […]

  • Indoctrination

    Pull your kids out of government schools and let them collapse.

    It might be the best thing you will ever do for your children

  • NH Common Sense

    I am sure the principal performed a thorough physical exam on the boy who was kicked, too.

  • Nic

    Here’s the phone number to complain about these idiots…(617) 635-9000

  • Larry

    this is outrageous…… I simply would not be able to attend a disciplinary meeting if it was my son invilved. I am so pissed off right now, and I’m not the kid’s father. these mindless members of the ruling liberal elite class. regulating, passing laws that have slowly, but surely, stripped us of our freedom. If these people can afford it, take their son out of this school and either home school or send to a private school.

  • Lisa

    This is the most outrageous abuse of power I have seen used by a school. Since when is defending yourself sexual abuse. I hope some attorney contacts this mother and helps her fight this pro bono. The article doesn’t even mention if any disciplinary action was taken against the kid who was choking this victim. The principal and superintendent should be replaced for not understanding the definition of sexual harrassment. Since when is self-defense and kicking considered inappropriate touching. Ridiculous!

    • FalselyAccused

      It became sexual abuse at the same time that parents made the same accusations against teachers, sued and won regardless of whether it was based on any glimmer of truth. I am not talking about teacher/student sexual relationships or pedophiles. I am talking about a teacher breaking up a fight or taking something away from them in class that is causing a disruption or disciplining a child in private so as not create public embarrassment and injure their self-esteem or comforting them because they are upset or catching them as they fall. Believe it or not, these simple acts have been turned in allegations of inappropriate touching (code word for sexual abuse/harassment) even though there was no sexual gratification involved as spelled out in the law and sometimes with no touching involved either. The teacher’s career is ruined by doing what they thought was the right thing at the time. How many parents come to that teacher’s defense? None, because of the student’s privacy rights.

      Also if you read the article, it is from the mother’s side of the story and she is not privy to what happened to the other student, because of his right to privacy.

      You reap what you sow, because everyone is equal under the law. Reread the bus driver’s comment and then think about how you have assisted in turning the education system on its head.

  • Justin

    All of the liberals that have posted above. You have only yourselves to blame. Our society would rather make victims criminals than empower self defense. This case is an extreme example of what has already existed in Massachusetts and even elsewhere nationally–a growing nanny state.

    You get mugged at knife point on the street? You’d better not dare shoot the attack or face criminal charges!

    • Greg

      You have to understand that a weak populace is necessary to a true Marxist state, the one Obama and his cronies are pushing for. A population willing to defend itself is the last thing they want.

    • Jeff Campbell

      This is no longer about Republican or Democrat, this is about Government against the People. The truth is we have given Government way to much power over our lives in the name of safety and as long as we can watch DWS and Football all is good in our World.

    • Tom Menino

      A Republican is simply a Democrat who has been mugged.

      • Pround Repubilcan

        Or one who isn’t afraid to work, has moral values and/or common sense.

  • Kelvin

    The politically correct sissification of America continues.
    The school person who called the mother should be beaten

    • Robert

      “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  • Eric Sandler

    Grinding Down America. Watch it before its too late. This is just a typical liberal joke where political correctness rears its ugly head again. In typical liberal fashion, the victim is made out to be the criminal. I only hope that my child would do the same if she were being bullied or attacked or choked. Someone please tell this boy to call me in 11 years and I will have a job waiting for him. The education system has been infiltrated by these nancy’s who want our children to be weak sucks and train them, to be on the government tit for a lifetime. And if the bully was Muslim, the choked child would be facing charges of a hate crime. You cant win with these ass monkeys.

    • John Ware

      Beautifully said!!

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