Mysterious Debris Crashes Through Plymouth Warehouse Roof

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A solid piece of metal crashed through the roof of a Plymouth furniture warehouse on Thursday. Investigators say the debris appears to have fallen from the sky, but it did not come from a plane.

Update: Police Investigate Texas Man’s Theory On Where The Metal Came From.

Michael Facchini, the owner of Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Distributors found the 3-5 lb. chunk of debris on the floor of his building off Camelot Drive.

Facchini also discovered a hole in the roof of the building.

“Looked up, the ceiling had a big hole,” he told WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran. “One of the workers came by and noticed the office was a mess and asked if I knew what happened then I looked and saw metal and figured it came from high above.”

No one was hurt by the falling debris.

The FAA has sent an inspector to Plymouth to help investigators.

They are now tasked with trying to figure out where the metal came from.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

Officials originally suspected that it could have fallen off of a passing plane, but they have since ruled out that possibility.

plymouthobjectthruroof120111a Mysterious Debris Crashes Through Plymouth Warehouse Roof

A hole can be seen through the roof of a Plymouth business after a mystery object crashed through. (Photo by David G. Curran/

“We have no idea what it is. At this point, we can only speculate. No clue,” said Plymouth police Capt. John Rogers. “This would have had to come through with some significant force or velocity to get through the warehouse roof and cause damage.”

At Michael’s Wholesale Furniture Distributors, the fact no one was hurt has employees counting their lucky stars. In fact, they say they’re going to play the lottery tonight after surviving this strange event.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran contributed to this report.

  • gramps

    One must’ve got away from them @ Otis, Oop’s…Better check that Azimuth!


    Did ‘Bourne’ declare war on Plymouth?

    • tommy

      that looks like a homemade cannon projectile .we shoot the same things through cannons we make out heavy gauged pipe.we cut pieces of 1 or 2″ solid round bar stock and launch them far atleast a mile or half mile depending on how much powder you use.

      • Larz Blackman

        that warehouse would make a good target from a mile away and the power of math and physics.

        Is such speculation still legal or does it give ideas to children and terrorists?

      • Chuck B.

        I thought the same thing.

    • Robert Bullock

      Wednesday night I saw a falling star streak across the sky and sparks flying off of it. I had never seen one break up like that. Usually they just burn out, I thought it looked like a sparkler being thrown or some sort of fireworks. It burned out before it could go behind the tree line though. so it didn’t hit the ground.

      • Click Slap

        It looks like part of a support arm of some sort but the weight is to much. one of our NASA guys thinks the same.

      • Hal McCombs

        Robert? Pretty much ALL meteors “burn out” before they hit the ground. Only the ones big enough to kill millions are still burning when they crash. Most meteors are already cool when they hit the ground.

      • dudefromdixie

        Meteors, by definition, burn up in the atmosphere. Meteorites, by definition, make it to the earth’s surface. Hal below is not very bright. Meteorites fall to earth afrequently. Most are small, and all are hot.

      • Steve

        The surface of a meteorite can be pretty hot when they hit the ground but depending on the size, the interior can be ice cold. It’s like -300 F in outer space so even a meteorite that’s hot when it hits the ground can turn icy cold rather quickly after the surface cools down.

      • Rich Buckley

        It appears to be a Truncheon Core off an old $750,000,000 “turbo entabulator”. There has been considerable speculation on where that old piece of debris might land. Just look up Turbo Entabulator that explains it all. Our tax dollars at work

  • Larry

    Warp Coil?

    • Mike Notsaying

      the russian space station thats crashing

      • yabbadabba

        thats what i was thinking


        We can rule out because he’s in Hell.

    • Scudbuster

      No they are much larger, & glow blue.

  • Poe Dee

    The invasion of the space junk! It’s coming back to haunt us.

    • Conor Raypholtz

      its a explosive bolt from a final rocket stage

    • r7t397trin

      It is part of the electric coil which binds this universe into a separate prison away from the multiverse. The sun is electric and the major solar flares being experienced in current times has blown off a piece of this coil. There will be more of this happening in the northern hemisphere, increasing in frequency as the fabric of our prison is shattered and the human species is freed from the hell they call Planet Earth.

  • Really

    It’s probably a hoax so the business owner can get a new roof put on by the insurance company. Or, this is our future… space junk falling to Earth from all disintegrating satellites trying to maintain an orbit…

  • Sandra Lively

    Bridge to Engineering: Scotty, we just felt a tremor up here. Is there anything we should know about?

  • Bill Slugg

    Piece off a wood chipper.

  • Horice

    Home made bottle rocket made from a rusty piece of pipe. Likely some dumbass kids since qualified welders and aliens don’t weld that bad.

  • Ernie Zippreplat

    Looks like a Muffler Bearing or Kinipling Pin

  • Turna

    Probably part of someone’s punkin chunkin trebuchet.

    • Matthew Anziulewicz

      My thoughts too. Cannon shot.

  • Robert

    I’m give’n er all she’s got cappin’! She’s not ginna hold togetha mich longa!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Did the primary buffer panel just fall off my gorram ship for no apparent reason?!

    • Another Browncoat

      My ship don’t break. If it broke, it’s because YOU broke it.. he said to no one in particular

    • Eric Tilley

      Ta Ma Dah! That’s definitely a Firefly class buffer panel if I’ve ever seen one!

      • Chomi Kink

        他媽的 yourself.

      • No One In Particular

        “Ta Ma Duh!” & “他媽的” both mean “His Mother’s”
        Colloquially a reference to His Mother’s genitalia or having sex with His Mother . . .

      • I'm particular

        “Ta Ma De!” & “他媽的” both mean “His Mother’s”

        fix it for you

    • Liam Esterline

      Another Firefly fan?

      • SilverState


    • Capt. Mal

      What was that?!

  • Bubbalama

    That looks like the left front strut housing from Ron Paul’s Intergalactic HoverRound.

  • drewster

    Space junk. Sattelite piece?

    • James

      No. you would see oblation pitting and melt tracks. Looks like welds on the bottom. I would place bets it is a machine part that cut loose. Pretty common for large wood chippers. Any more photos?

      • Randall Flagg

        That would be my guess too. Either a chipper from a nearby mill or one of those industrial grinders that you see people chipping up entire buildings with.

      • Shawn Coulter

        This was my thought as well, some sort of industrial equipment like a piece of a large pump shaft or the like. It looks like a brittle fracture as far as I can tell.

  • Butch Blosc

    Call the History Channel. They’ll have their “experts” certify it as alien/UFO, sight unseen, and do 3 shows on it.

  • muffy

    RBN network too and Genesis Radio are getting calls about you. LOL

  • HillBillyJim

    It’s another Chinese missile! Run for yer lives!

  • Jayne

    Dang! Reavers!!
    I’m outa here!!

  • dooky

    50 to 1 its a Transformer’s turd.

    • turdsforyou


    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta


    • Deeg

      lollolllloooolllololllll – best comment of the week!

  • Harleyxx

    I know what this is but I am sworn to secrecy.

  • rvs

    The “still” blew up.

  • nomemoleste

    Someone got fancy with their amateur rocket hobby. Instead of using PVC they used metal.

    Most UFOs are probably supernatural, orbs or rebel angels rather than tangible. Rebuke first, ask questions later — in the Name of Jesus Christ — when they or alines come around, Same goes for anything paranormal or multidimensional. The fallen will masquerade as whatever to con the unwitting.

    ref: “UFOs, Occult, Nazis, and Demons”

    • Phil


    • SexyJesus

      I Before E except after C

  • Kaylee

    Everything’s shiny, Cap’n. Not to fret.

  • lovetron

    We knew North Korea’s missle technology wasn’t quite up to speed, but this is just embarrassing.

  • Richard Pettit

    Looks like a 20mm shell casing

  • Emerald

    Alien phallus

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