BOSTON (CBS) – Police may have finally nabbed a serial speeder on the Cape.

Officers arrested 38-year-old Darin Lynch of West Yarmouth Wednesday night in Chatham.

Tuesday night, police received complaints about a speeding motorcyclist on Route 28.

The next evening, they stationed several officers along that same route and say they clocked Lynch at speeds up to 95 mph.

Lynch was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle recklessly, driving on a revoked driver’s license, and failing to stop for a police officer, along with illegal possession of narcotics.

Investigators believe Lynch may be the same motorcyclist who sped past a radar sign at 120 mph in a YouTube video posted online last summer.

  1. Um No says:

    Investigators are wrong. This was not the “speed trap/youtube guy” but I guess they will use him just to close the case because they couldn’t charge the real guy

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