By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

SOUTH YARMOUTH (CBS) – A mystery motorcyclist on Cape Cod has captured video of himself doing at least 120 mph in a 35 MPH school zone in South Yarmouth last week.

He was so proud of his activity, he posted it on YouTube. Police were not amused.

“That’s very serious, it’s very stupid, and he’s going to pay for it,” said Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

One video was shot on Station Avenue near the high school, but the motorcyclist also posted two other clips. One looks like it’s on Route 28 and the other appears to be on a nearby highway. In those two, you can see the motorcycle darting in and out of traffic, leaving other motorists in the dust.

When police found the video, they linked to it on their Facebook page.

Tips started coming in – and within hours whoever posted all the videos had taken each of them offline.

“He knows that the heat is on,” said Deputy Chief Xiarhos. “It’s not a game we need him to obviously stop doing what he’s doing before he kills himself.”

Comments (11)
  1. Attethyinsips says:

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  2. sean says:

    Can’t say I haven’t driven by those speed awareness trailers to see how high I can get the numbers…wouldn’t post it on youtube though

  3. susan says:

    The police do not want him to kill himself? What about all the INNOCENT people/children on the road?

  4. Emmit066 says:

    “They would never catch him”, famous last words if you ask me.

  5. Walter Crosby says:

    Let him kill himself. It helps all of the people that need transplants…

  6. Cliff Jestings says:

    The Democrat gene pool is getting low!

  7. Chuck Curry says:

    Car hits motorcycle at 120. Motorcyclist dies. Motorcycle hits car at 120. Motorcyclist dies. This guy wasn’t a threat to anyone’s life or limb. Just their property. Typical Police/Statist attitude though…”We need to empty your wallet to save you” Never mind that he actually drove quite well, and didn’t harm anyone or anything. If only the same were true for cops in pursuit. I’ll wager they’ve run down more mothers and children blowing stop signs to get to the donut sale than all the motorcyclists in the world…except maybe that guy in Mad Max.

  8. Chuck Curry says:

    …Which is not say he should get away with damaging someone’s property. but he didn’t. The cops will spend more money looking for him, than they’ll get out of him. Because surfing facebook for clues while waiting for their pension is a lot easier than facing down real bad guys. Go get ’em Chief Wiggum!

  9. Street Rider says:


    I absolutely agree. They are going to waste money going after this guy. Some rookie cop sitting behind a computer surfing Youtube and Facebook all day (they do this anyway, so at least it will put our tax dollars to work… I guess). Sure, what the rider did was very dangerous for him and others on the road. Also his actions cast a bad shadow on for any responsible motorcycle enthusiast who strictly keep this kind of riding to a race track. Speaking of that… too bad there isn’t a semi-local track, I’m sure motorcycle riders who like to go fast would love to open it up.. legally! I really don’t get it sometimes…

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