HAVERHILL (CBS) – Several teachers at the Hunking Middle School in Haverhill have come down with a rash, and school officials don’t know why.

The rash has affected a half-dozen teachers at the school, but no students.

School Superintendent Jim Scully says air quality is being monitored, and so far it appears to be safe for kids.

“If there was any concern, I’d treat those children as I would my own children, and I would move to have them out of the building in fifteen minutes if I was given any indication that there was a condition that was adverse to their health,” Scully said.

But at least one parent says that she’s concerned.

She told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope that she has heard stories of kids getting tired in the classroom.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

“I know kids are going home with headaches,” she said. “My daughter when she leaves here is more tired than usual.”

Hunking Middle School has been plagued with problems in recent days. That includes a decision to move sixth graders to another building because of concerns over the crumbling building.

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  1. Daryl says:

    It’s the beginning of a zombie outbreak.

  2. Bill Regent says:

    If the school recently had wifi installed that could certainly be the cause of the rashes, tiredness and headaches.

    1. Matt Filipczuk says:

      It turned out to be aliens microwaving some leftover pizza as they flew by earth. Phew, I thought it was something like wifi for a second.

      1. Nomad says:

        Matt, you can protect yourself from the evil WiFi by setting up a fan pointing to the window, then the radiation will just be blown out into the atmosphere thus creating interference for those said “aliens” resulting in another Roswell….and FREE pizza!

      2. gramps says:


        Susan Clarke, a former research consultant to the Harvard School of Public Health who studies radio-frequency’s bioeffects and was invited to speak to the parents in Simcoe County last week, is not as sure as her colleagues that the radiation is harmless.

        “A child’s brain absorbs this radiation maximally,” she told the parents, according to reports. “Children also absorb microwave radiation more readily than adults because they have thinner skulls.”

        Clarke reportedly told the parents she believes that such exposure can cause a slew of neurological and cardiac symptoms, including the ones Palmer described.



    2. Cynthia Beattie says:

      Yes, wifi can do that. Flourescent lights are very harsh and jarring for children with ADD and ADHD making it worse. Guess what 95% of all schools have?

    3. Tash says:

      Are you serious? Explain. The reason I ask is because I worked in one building and suddenly developed a rash—thought it was an allergy or perhaps something to do with asbestos abatement.

      1. JT says:

        There is an engineering company in a nearby city, which I will not even consider working for, because of a cell tower atop the building it is in, which is covered with antennae, even though one would be enough.

      2. Nomad says:

        WIFI is FM radio folks…that’s all. Specifically the VHF and UHF bands are used for 2.4GHz and 5 GHz respectively. Do they sound familiar, they should, it is the same bands used for TV for 90+ years! The World Health Organization agrees, noting that the range of radiation exposure from Wi-Fi routers is between 0.002 percent and 2 percent of recommended maximum levels — LESS than people receive from televisions and FM radios. (Oddly, cordless home phones, which use the same 2.4-GHz frequency, have avoided the same kind of public scrutiny.) Numerous studies over the years have supported the safety of low-level radiation from devices like cellphones — a recent 30-year study in Sweden could not confirm that they were a hazard — and Wi-Fi routers are even further removed from the body, lessening their impact.
        If you believe the population is controlled by Television, then I guess anything is possible.

        Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/08/18/wi-fi-making-sick/#ixzz1eWxXv5zv

  3. Iambic PentaMaster says:

    Six teachers have a rash,
    The budget needs a slash,
    If they don’t teach,
    They’ll be in breach,
    But they’ll still want their cash.

  4. elevenhundred says:

    Sounds like those special moments shared in the teacher’s lounge were sharing more than they had wanted.

  5. kkt says:

    Maybe it could be that individuals are becoming allergic to education. Let’s keep our distance from the classroom!

    1. TASH says:

      Allergies to tweens?

      Tweens putting some kind of substance on the teacher’s chairs or desks?

      Allergies to bureaucrats who have never done the job demanding pounds of paperwork to prove the other paperwork was done?

  6. LA Doc says:

    Has Barney Frank paid a visit recently?

  7. MeJay says:

    It’s called liberalitus or maybe they have barneyitus.

  8. Ted K says:

    Triangular tinfol hats will help block the wifi radio waves….and also protect you from alien abduction.

    1. Nomad says:

      I find that a stainless steel colander works much better, and more fashionable! You don’t want anyone to think your “weird”.

      1. TXmakman says:

        But it must have extra vertical potrusions and customized decorations for it to be properly functioning.

    1. Gerry says:

      I was thinking it may be mold also. They need a thorough environmental check of this school.

  9. David Thomas says:

    Understanding the itching has just scratched the surface.

  10. walljasper says:

    Scanies, liely.

  11. walljasper says:

    That is SCABIES, most likely.

    and a bluetooth keyboard with low batteries. lol.

  12. Likud says:

    They are allergic to the kids and stress.

  13. changomango says:

    Lib teachers who were recently in an occupy gathering? Or is it jus coincedence that the school recently had a few more thousand illegal alien children from Africa adn Latin America.

  14. freecheese says:

    It’s a “liberal” ailment brought about by putting too much “majik dust” in their Unicorn milk at breakfeast !

  15. Shane says:

    The zombie outbreak and coming apocalypse has arrived.

  16. Joe Taxpayer says:

    Maybe it’s not a rash. Maybe they’re just embarrassed about working 6 hours per day for only 9 months of the year and collecting unemployment during their 3 month vacations. They’re doing it “for the children”

      1. Realist Mark says:

        I don’t envy the 6 hours dealing with kids, coupled with the prep and post work throughout the day (syllabus, daily agenda, homework review/corrections, test grading, etc).

        But you’re right, only 9 months a year and **such** a hefty salary. They should give more back to the community than all that education for our next generation, right?

    1. blackbear1 says:

      Joe, have a rotten holiday season. Try teaching yourself someday, if you can qualify. Teachers are contracted to teach 180 days a year. Some are contracted as 10 month employees. Pro rate a teachers salary into 12 months and it still doesn’t measure up to anyone in the private sector in which a Masters Degree is required. We will teach your children, you raise them!!

  17. Frank says:

    It’s mold folks ! 25% of the population is sensitive low level mold and mycotoxin contamination.

  18. earl. says:

    Check teachers lounge furniture for cleaners.

    1. Marie says:

      Dear Joe Taxpayer,
      Since they are listed as full-time employees for the full school year – Teachers are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Most teachers work a second job over the summer,. Also teachers cannot collect social security from the US govt this is why they have a pension plan.

      1. blackbear1 says:

        Thank you Marie. Joe is very misinformed and is obviously predjudiced against Teachers. Marie, have a nice Thanksgiving.

  19. archie says:

    hunkering down for finding the culprit

  20. lw says:

    see which kid has all 6 teachers. there were a few teachers in middle school on which i would have liked to inflict pain and suffering….

    btw, I find the wifi doesn’t bother me as long as i drink large amounts of kool aid.

  21. Peter Anderson says:

    Does the school have T-bar hung ceiling tiles? If so, the problem could be glass fiber. Aerosol cassette tests done are useless for uncovering this problem. The school should do particulate matter tape-lift samples described on Russ Crutcher’s website “Microlabs Northwest”. Tests are relatively inexpensive and will probably track down a problem no one knew about. Glass fiber health problems are at epidemic proportions but few people know about the problem!!! HVAC ducts are also often lined with “duct boarding” which is made of glass fiber and breaks down over time.

  22. stanley says:

    A possible new STD?

  23. Harry says:

    Protesting with OWS did it.

  24. rufus levin says:

    STD contracted from sex with the kids by the teachers.

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