WEYMOUTH (CBS) – The young man charged with a triple murder in Weymouth had lived with former New England Patriots defensive back Ronnie Lippett until last July.

Lippett, who played nine seasons with the Patriots, had taken in 18-year-old Donald Rudolph as part of a specialized foster care program through Lutheran Social Services.

Lippett and his family has been a part of the program for more than 20 years.

He says Rudolph was a troubled kid who had displayed violent tendencies.

“He had a bat and he would hit the walls and the pictures. When his mom wasn’t giving him any cigarettes, he would knock down the door and force her to give up cigarettes,” said Lippett.

Lippett says Donald lived with him until an incident last July when Donald refused to go to school.

“I woke him up that morning and he got up real fast and he punched me in my jaw. He broke my jaw. I restrained him,” Lippett said.
Lippett says Rudolph later apologized.

“I didn’t have any animosity towards him or anything. He had problems. And we were trying to help him with his problems, my wife and I,” said Lippett.

Lippett says despite Rudolph’s troubled past, he’s stunned at the charges.

“He loved his sister dearly. I just don’t understand what happened. Something drastic must have happened. He loved his sister,” Lippett said.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

Comments (5)
  1. doreen scolastico says:

    What a shame, thats all I can say. The man who did this clearly has some phychiatric disorder, not just your typical depression. Hopefully he will get the help he needs. So sorry for the family. Mental illness really has to be taken very seriously. The man clearly should have been institutioalized long ago. Prayers to the famiy. So very sorry for your tragic losses

  2. chris says:

    Actually did community service with the lad a couple weeks ago. He did’nt seem all there.

  3. Kate says:

    I’m a psych major in grad school. He should have been in a mental institution why the football player or parents or state DIDNT section him into one is beyond belief. He had violence tendencies so WHY no one sectioned him when it is real simple and all u need to do is call the ambulance to hold him for a day or two in hospital until they can transfer him to a mental hospital or go to court and section him…is ridiculous…any judge would allow that due to his past. Now 3 people are dead what is wrong with this picture? it is not just his fault…it is the community and state and people that should have not looked the other way. this football player he breaks your jaw and you leave him instead of intutionalizing him…this obviously hurt him to be left. not every mentally ill person understands what theyre doing and they all still need love. giving up on him may have caused this disruption…so i hope next time you “help” someone you dont give up on them and get them proper help. he couldve easily sectioned this child

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