WEYMOUTH (CBS) — A young man has been charged with killing his sister, mother and her boyfriend at their home in Weymouth in a scene the police chief called “gruesome.”

Officers were called to 10 Upland Road just after 8 p.m. Thursday by a neighbor who was reporting “possible suspicious activity” there.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports

When police arrived, they saw 18-year-old Donald Rudolph in the home through a window.

“After some discussion and additional activity, Mr. Rudolph emerged from the residence through a cellar window,” Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey told reporters in a news conference Friday.

“It was at this time, the officers perceived from the state of his clothing and his person that was such that it made them believe that something was afoot.”

Based on statements Rudolph made, Morrissey said, police conducted a “security sweep” of the home.

Inside, they found 52-year-old Frederick Medina dead.

Rudolph was placed into custody, Morrissey said, and police found the bodies of his mother, 50-year-old Paula Rudolph, and his 24-year-old sister Caylin, in the detached garage behind the home.

Weymouth Police Chief Richard Grimes said Donald Rudolph no longer lived in the home and had been “known to police.”

At one point, Rudolph was living with former New England Patriots player Ronnie Lippett and his family.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

Lippett had taken in Rudolph as part of a specialized foster care program through Lutheran Social Services.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports 

Investigators would not say how the victims were killed or what may have sparked the attacks.

Grimes called the scene “gruesome” and Morrissey said there was “evidence of massive trauma.”

Because Friday is a holiday, Rudolph will not be arraigned until Monday.

Caylin Rudolph was the mother of young twins.

Beverly McDermott was the last person to see Fred Medina right before he walked into his home, where he was killed. McDermott, who lives across the street, says Medina was worried about his girlfriend, Paula Rudolph when he couldn’t get through to her on the phone yesterday afternoon.

Fred first asked Beverly to go check on her at home, but there was no answer. Fred rushed home and he and Beverly made a pact: when Fred walked in, if everything was okay, he would flicker the front lights. If Beverly didn’t see that, she should call police.

She watched Fred walk around the back of the house to go in the back door, and waited she never saw the light signal so she called 911.

When police arrived, it was too late. They found Fred’s body in the first floor of the home, and Paula and her daughter Caylin’s body’s murdered in the garage. Donald was walking out of the basement, and was taken into custody.

Neighbors say it appears Paula and her daughter were already dead when Fred got home, and Donald was waiting inside.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

Comments (16)
  1. A says:

    I don’t pretend to be an expert on legal matters and rights, but don’t you have
    to be in front of a judge within 24 hours of your arrest ?

    1. e says:

      court is closed due to a legal holiday. if your get arrested on a sat you cant be in front of a judge until Monday….do the math then, over 24 hours..RIGHT!

      1. A says:

        I know that, but aren’t you by law entitled to be arraigned and be in front of a judge within 24 hours of your arrest ? i.e. you cannot by law be detained more than 24 hours without a court appearance. That was my question.

      2. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

        There is no such law.

      3. John Adelman says:

        Courts are closed on Monday, celebration of Veterans Day.

    2. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

      An arraignment in Massachusetts usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours of the arrest. If you’re arrested on a weekend or holiday – you’ll be arraigned the first date available. The arraignment is held before a judge of the courts

      1. A says:

        Thank you for clarifying.

        I was under the impression that you HAD to be in front of a judge within a certain timeframe.

        Mostly cause, if this guy is the one (which so far everything is pointing towards) I would hate to see some sleeze bag public defender getting him off on a technicality

  2. Denise says:

    Lets see… does the three strike rule apply here? Or is this one instance and he’ll get out to try 2 more times before they actually put him in jail and keep him there! I’m sorry but if the world is so bad – kill yourself – don’t take everyone else down! And if you do hurt someone – I think you should be subject to the same punishment you inflicted on that or those people. An eye for an eye. Kids aren’t learning to appreciate and respect themselves w/o consequences for their actions – so why do we expect them to respect anyone else?

    Sad story – I pray for those now gone to soon!

    1. petem says:

      Although I understand the anger about the killings he allegedly committed, unless you what to convert our country to say, Somalia, where real eye for an eye takes place, we have a system that is predicated on the belief that we don’t sink to the level of those that perpetrate these horrific crimes.

      1. web says:

        i hate to say this, but no, what we have is a system that allows criminals to continuously look for excuses, lawyers to continuosly look for even the most minute reason to throw out charges. There is no search for justice anymore, just a search for excuse and release. the extreme opposite of Somalia, but a bad extreme, nonetheless. no justice…appeal appeal appeal.

  3. Moe Moe says:

    A well known junkie in the Quincy/Weymouth area. This is what our society has been reduced to folks!

  4. emom says:

    Three strikes rule I think He committed all three in one shot. NO GOING PASS GO, straight to jail for LIFE. But since our justice system is all messed up he could be out in less that 10 years ,, Oh the answer they will give , he is remorseful and had changed,, SURE HE IS. if this guy committed 3 murders in one single episode, whats stopping him from committing more one he is finally out,, No this guy should get life , and never a parole date ever…

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