BOSTON (CBS) – Aside from their recent success, the Boston Bruins remain in a rut.

Sitting 13th overall in the Eastern Conference, there are four teams and a four point differential between the B’s and any meaningful placement in the standings.

Although there are some daunting statistics working against them, it remains difficult to completely count this team out. They have been playing significantly better and seem capable of returning to prominence.

The problem is the four points. The problem is the four teams. All are battling for that significant placement of eighth overall in the East. Neither Winnipeg, nor Carolina, nor Ottawa, nor New Jersey are prepping for a timely collapse.

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However, looking at each team’s upcoming schedule, there remains a possibility that Boston can climb out of their own hole as soon as December 1st.

Here are the next five games for the four teams standing between the Boston Bruins and eighth place in the standings.

– New Jersey plays Washington, Washington, Boston, Buffalo and Tampa Bay.

– Ottawa plays the New York Rangers, Buffalo, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.

– Carolina plays  the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Montreal and Buffalo.

– Winnipeg plays Florida, Columbus, Tampa Bay, Washington and Philadelphia.

Every schedule appears difficult. It seems that the number of losses will outweigh the number of victories for each team, which offers a perfect opportunity for the Black and Gold.

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The Bruins own five-game lineup includes, Edmonton, Buffalo, New Jersey, Columbus and the New York Islanders. A difficult, but yet very winnable, agenda.

If the team’s current streak continues, if the goal scoring remains a factor and the power play produces, the Boston Bruins can dig themselves out of this hole by the start of December.

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  1. William Leeco says:

    Good lord, it’s only November. This article makes it sound like they have to win all 69 games left on the schedule for any chance to claim the 8th spot.

    “Although there are some daunting statistics working against them, it remains difficult to completely count this team out.”

    “Daunting statistics working against them” …. no team has every had such a lousy start. Assuming they don’t drink beer and each chicken for the last month of the season, I think they can overcome a bad 10-game stretch. I don’t have the stats, but since I’ve been watching the Bruins since 1972, I think I’ve watched them overcome a few bad 10-game stretches and still make the playoffs. This one just happened to come at the start of the season.

    Completely count this team out? How about don’t even remotely count this team out. Or how about waiting another 50 games before making such a panic-stricken statement.


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