The Bear Essentials by Mark Feldman, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – There seems to be an odd calm in the air; a collective acceptance of sorts when it comes to the Boston Bruins.

It appears that no matter how dire the situation may be, everyone is reacting in the same way. First there’s a pause, a moment of thought and finally, clarity: “Come on man, relax. It’s still too early.”

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What makes it frustrating is that there seems to be no way around this sentiment: “Ok, but they can’t score,” “Well It’s only been 10 games,” “right but they lack chemistry,” “eh, too early to say.”

At a quick glance, yes, 10 out of 82 games may seem insignificant. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Taking a look at the past, the odds against the Boston Bruins returning to championship caliber are stacked heavily against them.

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There have been 43 Stanley Cup Champions since the end of the Original Six era in 1967. Out of those 43 teams, ZERO have started the season with seven losses in their first ten games. Not a single team started this poorly and went on to achieve a championship. Period.

So what does that mean? Is the season over? No, but it does put into perspective the daunting task that the Bruins have in front of them.

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The numbers are pointing to an unprecedented come-back. One that may be exactly what this team needs.

Last year, the Bruins played their best hockey when their backs were up against the wall. It’s going to take that same motivation to bring them back into the discussion.

Hopefully it’s not too late.

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  1. Joe says:

    A nice article, but damn the ads on the page have more text and better placement then it did.

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