BOSTON (CBS) – The day after the Boston Bruins served 17-penalties in their 4-1 loss to the Hurricanes, one of the team’s leader admits they got a little out of hand.

“We’ve put that on us. I don’t think the blame should be on the refs; they did their job,” Patrice Bergeron said on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh and Zolak on Wednesday. “Emotion got the best of us last night, and that shouldn’t happen.”

“We have to be a little smarter with that. Usually when we are physical and we are emotionally attached to the game, we’ve seen good results,” said Bergeron. “We have to start that earlier in the game and get some momentum.”

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The Bruins are now 2-4 on the young season, and have scored just 10 goals in the first six games.

“It is frustrating,” said Bergeron. “At the same time we have to work through it. It’s something we’d like not to be in, but we’re in it now and have to get out of it. The only way is working hard and working through it and not get overly frustrated, but taking that emotion and intensity and using it in the right way.”

Stats: Bruins-Hurricanes Box Score

There are plenty of reasons why the B’s are struggling, from lack or goal-scoring to their usual power-play woes, but one excuse Bergeron and the rest of the team does not want to hear is the “Stanley Cup Hangover.”

“It’s something we keep hearing,” he said of the hangover talk, adding the B’s are getting sick of hearing it. “We’re not in the situation we’d like to be in and we have to work through it. That being said, we’ve talked about it so many times, we have to turn the page on what happened last year. And we did that.”

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“Now it’s about this year, taking it a game at a time,” said Bergeron. “We have to stop putting blame on the hangover or whatnot. It’s our job as professionals, and we can’t use that as an excuse.”


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