The Bear Essentials By Mark Feldman, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – What is going on? Has the world gone mad? Are pigs flying? Did Claude Julien really get kicked out of the game?

Tuesday night was a mess for the Boston Bruins. That’s hard to argue. With a total of 17 penalties, two fights (not including Horton’s one-sided bout) and a flurry of poor performances, the B’s looked like an amateur hockey club.

Although there are a lot of negatives to draw from, one surprisingly positive moment came from none other than Claude Julien.

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With only three minutes and 44 seconds remaining in the third period, Milan Lucic received a ten minute misconduct for shoving a Carolina player during an off play. The player was clearly provoking a response and received no repercussion. And why would he? At this point, both the teams and referees had transformed the rink into the lawless wild west.

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While players were boarding, fighting and slashing one another, Julien seemed to be the only one on the ice who didn’t want any part of the fun. He had his head on straight. Yes, hard to believe. But it happened.

Lucic’s penalty was the last straw. After it was called, the coach went off. Watching his verbal onslaught, trying to lip read his response, I couldn’t help but feel some level of satisfaction. Sure, maybe he would’ve responded similarly last year, but going as far as receiving a game eviction? No chance.

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That was something different. That was new. Maybe some Stanley Cup confidence? Championship arrogance? Whatever it may be, it was good to see.

With last year’s scrutiny now behind him, Julien finally appears to be more like a leader than a silent figure.

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