BOSTON (CBS) – Comcast’s Mike Giardi joined Toucher & Rich Tuesday to talk about Jon Lester’s comments on Monday.

Giardi said he talked to someone in the clubhouse and someone in management who confirmed everything that Lester said.

“Yeah they confirm it, but they say he’s not telling the whole truth. This one beer thing is inaccurate on his part and that their behavior was irresponsible and occasionally reckless,” said Giardi.

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Lester made a claim that players actually pitch after drinking. Has Giardi heard about this ever happening within the Red Sox?

“No not that I’ve heard of in the Red Sox clubhouse, but I would never be surprised at anything at this point,” said Giardi.

Lester tried to explain the things that went on in the clubhouse, but did it just sound like he was making excuses?

“You give the man credit for finally speaking up because I think we all wanted accountability and you’re still waiting to hear from Lackey and Beckett. Jon was smart to kind of get out there, I think he waited a little too long, but he got out there and he made his rounds yesterday. He tried to diffuse all this stuff, but I think so much of what he said was excuse making,” Giardi said.

They went on to talk about his source in management and discussed how much management knew about the disrespect in the clubhouse. What if anything will the repercussions be? All this and more with Mike Giardi.


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