By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

FOXBORO (CBS) – WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid breaks down all the action from the New England Patriots game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium.

Final Thoughts

The Highs

-When the Patriots needed to run, BenJarvis Green-Ellis ran. He needed to avoid a coming Jets blitz, and Benny took the direct snap. Right after the Jets scored, the Patriots ran the ball  times and ended up with a field goal. The drive ate up 6:12 off the clock.

– Overall it was a great day for Green-Ellis. He carried ball 27 times for 136 yards and two touchdowns.

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– Aaron Hernandez returned to make five receptions on nine targets for 56 yards. He did drop a potential touchdown that turned into a Jets INT. Hopefully we can chalk that up to rust.

The Lows

– On the Jets first drive of the quarter, they march 85 yards down the field to make it a 27-21 game. Mark Sanchez goes five for six on the drive, tossing for 65 yards, capping things off with a 21-yard touchdown to Santonio Holmes. The Pats pass defense had no answer for Sanchez on the drive.

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– Overall it was a better performance by the Patriots defense, surrendering just 255 total yards. The Jets mustered just 158 yards through the air.

3rd Quarter

The Highs

– First play of the quarter and Brady hits Welker on a 73-yard completion. Pats have the ball at the 8-yard line.  They finish this controversial drive with a 2-yard pass to Deion Branch for a touchdown.  During the drive, Branch fumbled the ball, but after a review, his knee was down.

– Jets second possession of the quarter and the Pats force them into a three-and-out.  Good defensive game by the Patriots so far.

– Jets third possession of the quarter and the Pats defense forces another three-and-out. The Pats D has forced seven three-and-outs through three quarters.

-Fourth possession of the quarter and the Pats score.  Tom gets use out of the tight ends: 17-yards to Gronk and then 21 to Hernandez.  They capitalize on the drive with a three-yard touchdown dive by Green Ellis, his second of the game.

– After the Pats score, take a guess what the defense does. You got it, another three-and-out.

The Lows:

– After the Pats get their field goal, the Jets take the kickoff 88-yards to the Patriots 20-yard line.  That would lead to a nine-yard pass from Mark Sanchez to Jeremy Kerley for a touchdown.

– After the Jets touchdown, Pats get the ball and go three-and-out themselves. They don’t answer when they could have put the Jets in a serious hole. On the third and three play, Brady’s throw to Welker was off the mark.

-Third possession of the quarter for the Pats offense goes three-and-out.

– On the fourth possession, Brady gets sacked again.  He’s been sacked four time so far, twice by Jamaal Westerman.

Pats up 24-14 after 3

2nd Quarter

The Highs

– Jets have a third down play to start the quarter, when the Pats defense comes up with another big stop.  Jets are forced to punt the ball away.

– On the Pats first possession of the quarter they score.  Aaron Hernandez is abusing Kyle Wilson.  Wilson can not cover him and Hernandez is getting the foul calls.  Pats get a field goal on this drive and extend their lead.

– Pats with the last drive of the quarter and Chad Ochcocinco come up big.  Tom to Chad and they eclipse a 20-yard deficit on two plays, getting the first down.

The Lows:

– Jets second possession of the quarter and they are running the ball on the Pats defense. They are doing it a close to five yards a carry. They keep doing that and score. The Jets keep Tom Brady and the offense off the field with a 13 play drive that lasts 7:54.

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– Pats with the last drive of the quarter and Tom gets sacked again.  The Jets are getting to him.  That their second sack of the game.  After a big gain, the Pats had the momentum and the Jets blitz and sack Tom again.  They are not allowing the Pats to run the hurry up.

– Brady and Co. were all set to score at the end of the half, but Hernandez bobbles what could have been a touchdown. Instead,  Antonio Cromartie intercepts it and the Pats end the quarter without scoring.

10 to 7 Pats at the half

1st Quarter

The Highs:

– The Jets get the ball first, and the Pats defense doesn’t give them much of anything. They hold them to three and out.

– On the Jets second possession, the Pats defense does the same. Pressure on Mark Sanchez and a New York penalty helped force another three and out..

– On the Pats second possession they score reach pay-dirt.  Tom Brady hits Wes Welker on a 32-yard passing play and then the rest was BenJarvus Green-Ellis. The Pats are running the ball, and are doing so effectively.

– On the Jets third possession of the quarter and it’s the same old song. Another three and out at the hands of the Patriots defense who ends the drive with a sack.  Mark Anderson and Rob Ninkovich in on Mark Sanchez.

The Lows:

– Much like the Jets, the Pats offense got nothing on their first possession.

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– Brady and Co. start out their third possession of the quarter rocky.  A face mask, Tom Brady gets sacked, a false start, a holding call.  They held on to the ball because of a pass interference call, but ended up punting this one away.

7-0 Pats after one

After the Patriots-Jets game, tune in to the Postgame show on 98.5 The Sports Hub, and to Patriots Fifth Quarter on MY TV38

Comments (6)
  1. Matt Souza says:

    once again the defense does not sound as great they are still giving up big plays.but also the penelties have to stop

  2. JohnC says:

    I was glad to see that the Pats were wearing their old, good-looking uniforms instead of the new, ugly ones.

  3. jaygee says:

    Bottom line is that they won the game and scored another 30 point game. The defense will slowly improve but that loss to the Bills still should never have happened.

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